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Went to the cinema with [livejournal.com profile] inmemorybound tonight to see Black Swan. It was absolutely amazing, and terrifying. The best way I can describe my reaction is by saying I feel like the moment in a movie where the character has been shot in the chest and is kind of staring at it in disbelief, without pain, just shock at the sight of blood.

Do go see it. It's wonderful. (But not if you can't stand psychological tension and some horrible stuff, too, okay? No nightmares please!)
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Anyone up for a Night Safari at the British Museum? Sounds kick-ass, right? It would have to be May, though, as I'm in San Diego in July. Also, it's a Monday night, if that's a problem for anyone.

So this week [livejournal.com profile] inmemorybound and I have been to see two movies - The Lovely Bones and Legion.

The Lovely Bones: lost a lot of its wonder when it moved from page to screen. )

Legion: pretty much Terminator with angels. )
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So on Monday I went into London to attend a booksigning for Sarah Rees Brennan ([livejournal.com profile] sarahtales's novel The Demon's Lexicon. I had a great time and met some really lovely people, but what I want to talk about today is the book itself, which I finished today.

Seriously, you should read this book. No spoilers, because I want you to read the review and then go read the book. But I figured I'd be polite and use a cut anyway. Also, under here is a link to the first chapter for free. )
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It is so hot here, I think I might DIE. It is never not windy in Liverpool. Unless, of course, you are baking alive in your room and the window is restricted so you can only open it a little bit.

So on Wednesday I went to see X-men Origins: Wolverine with my sole remaining flatmate before I go home tomorrow morning. Spoilers ahoy! )
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I've been trying to decide what I wanted to say about the new Star Trek movie for almost a week now. This is for two main reasons - one, I have resolved that I should make both more frequent and more meaningful (aka more discussion, less boring) posts , and two, BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY FRIGGING AWESOME AND IT BLEW MY MIND OMG!!!

Here there be spoilers, aka, you should totally see the film first )

Seriously, just AWESOME. I'm going to go see it again as soon as I have the chance. Anyone want to come?
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While waiting on the tran platform to go in for the pre-release book party in London at the HP Con I caught sight of a pale, bald man down the platform and before conscious thought my brain screamed "VOLDEMORT! AARGH!" before I realised that no, it was just some bald guy in a suit. But genuinely I thought it was Voldemort for a few seconds. Tells you something about my brain, huh?

I read HP7 in seven and a half hours from midnight onwards solid through the night last night, and have only had about two hours of sleep since seven am yesterday. This is what I thought of it. Cut for spoilers.

HP7: The Book That JK Rowling Forgot (To Edit) )


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