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So today I went to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake at the local theatre (by myself, because I only found out it was on here on Friday, and it finishes today, and then when I called up I got quite literally the only ticket remaining. I was very impressed with my luck.) In case you haven't heard of it, this particular production is famous because rather than the swans being female and the love interest being a transformed princess, in this version all the swans are MALE. And the Prince falls in love with a Swan Prince.

It's a really drastic re-imagining compared to the original story, if I'm honest (though I didn't actually know the story when I went - I read it online afterwards! Badly prepared!) BUT. But. It was so, so beautiful. All the dancers were amazing, but the Prince and the Swan Prince had such wonderful line and grace to their dancing, and unusually wonderful acting, too - their expressions held such yearning! And when the Swan Prince protected the Prince from the other swans, the look on his face just made me ache.

Of course, it helped that the guy playing the Swan Prince was TOTALLY SMOKING HOT. Just sayin'.

On top of their technical proficiency as dancers, one of the things I thought was really interesting about the production was the way in which the man cast as the Prince was very young-looking and slender compared to the heavier, more muscular and older-looking Swan Prince, subverting the traditional male/female roles of the piece. In addition to this, the male/female roles in their dances together ebbed and flowed between them so that neither was exclusively in the more submissive role; this made it more equal between the two and avoided feminising one of them, which would effectively cancel out the impact of the swans' gender change. It was like the very best slash - keeping both of them male without sacrificing the romantic elements between them.

The swans in general were very well done, and in fact very sinister as a group at times. Partly this was the stark black eye make-up against a general whitening of their skin, but the choreography really contributed to making them menacing, and the Swan Prince was at turns menacing or seductive. It felt at times more like it was really telling the story of a straight man falling in love with another man.

I don't know how much longer it's on tour, but if you get a chance to, really, really do take it. It's got me all fired up and imagining.
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Title: Asymptote

Fandom: STXI

Pairing: Kirk/Spock

Word Count: 5974

Rating: R / NC-17, for language and sex

Warnings: None

Author's Notes: I hadn't written anything in months when I started this, and haven't written fanfic in years. But somehow Star Trek has got me going again - which I'm totally loving, because I really missed writing! Thanks to everyone who's left such lovely comments on the original meme thread (here). Feedback is love! Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] kirkspock.

ETA: You can now also find this fic at the Archive of Our Own and at the automated Kirk/Spock archive, once it's been approved, thanks to kind prompting from [livejournal.com profile] awarrington.

Summary: Prompt from [livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink: Prompt: K/S. So, this idea kind of hit me out of nowhere. Pretty much following the tradition of aliens-made-them-do-it [only kind of inverted], in which Kirk and Spock end up at a planet where they are not allowed to touch each other [due to religious issues, politeness protocol, whatever].

This makes Spock realize how many times a day, Kirk had been touching him, [his shoulder, pat at the back, random hugs, etc] and how much he had been enjoying those touches. In fact, Spock is a bit annoyed [angry!] that he's been deprived his daily ration of Kirk-touch. And when he tries to sneak in a touch, however subtle, the aliens get in the way. [Damn aliens!] This pretty much pushes his control to the limit.

Then when the whole ordeal is over, Spock jumps Kirk in the conference room as soon as the briefing on the away mission is over because he cannot wait! \o/

Bonus: Kirk and Spock aren't together yet, so first time.

Double bonus: Kirk has no clue what the hell going on with Spock until the jumping happens.

Anticipation was not an emotion Spock had intended to allow himself to feel. )
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I bought a million t-shirts and a million books and four DVD boxsets (Sears is really weirdly cheap, whole seasons for what is the equivalent atm of £20 with the great exchange rate - got Prison Break Season One, The Sentinel Season One, Medium Season One and Numb3rs Season One) and it was fab right up to the point in the queue to check-in for the flight back where I CAUGHT MY DAD'S STUPID AWFUL COLD. It managed to develop from a slightly bunged nose then into a full-on stuffed-up, sore throat, headache horrible cold by the time I got on the plane for the first leg of our trip home, a six-and-a-half hour flight from Chicago to Dublin overnight. And then when we finally got home I tried to take some better medicine and threw up in the sink. I'm a bit better now, thanks to Day Nurse, but it couldn't have bloody waited until we were all the way home so I didn't have to do the whole journey like that, could it. Nooooo...


Had a great time. The sky is so big in Wisconsin, it's actually kinda scary for somebody who's used to the hills and not those great wide plains with nothing to obscure the view. And Chicago - if ever I go to live in the States, which I might for a couple of years (you can do that as an orthoptist, which is neat) then I'd like to live there. Pretty much everyone is really friendly and helpful, and there aren't as many really dumb annoying people as you think there might be (no offense to any Americans, but we don't get the best impression of you here in Britain any more. Blame George Bush.) I was really glad to get home, anyway. Proper British cars! Proper British trees and spindly old fences! Proper British windy little lanes where not even two Mini's can get past each other but we manage anyway!

BTW - can anyone give me a synopsis of this whole thing with the terrorists and the planes? This happens every year when I go on holiday, and then I can never find out enough about it to really understand what's going on.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] pobbit, did you get the CD of SGA I posted you? And does anyone have eps four and five of season three? ETA: Found them with a million seeds, so got them basically dled now :)

ETA2: Would anyone be interested in an essay I'm thinking of writing about slash, and the things that make us see that in relationships between male characters? I was trying to get to sleep one night in the States and ended up thinking about it as a proposal for the next Slash Study Day, if I end up being able to go. It's going to have a kick-ass title, too, "All But(t) Sex - What Are You Seeing That I'm Not?" (The original was "All But(t) Sex - You're Making This Shit Up, Aren't You?" but I decided it wasn't descriptive enough despite being funny ^-^)
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Today it is raining and I want some of you to come online so you can talk to me TT-TT (Hollie, you are excused on account of being Somewhere Foreign.)

BTW, something funny I saw the other day, did anyone realise that subtext is an anagram of buttsex? (Slash fans all laugh)

I got an email about another Slash Study Day today, actually, but I'm not sure I'll be able to go because, of course, of starting uni. I'm hoping that when I see my schedule I may be able to wrangle it, but it's not looking good at this point in time. I think they're just asking for papers at the moment, anyway. It's being held on Tuesday 27th February next year, BTW, for those interested parties.

Amy's Thought for the Day: If you own up to things later than you strictly should have but not so late that you look like you were copping out instead of forgetting, then sometimes they're already done for you, which, y'know, rocks. (This happened to me today, in case you hadn't guessed.)
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So today I sent Aaron an email basically telling him that nothing's going to happen. And I feel like a real heel, too. So, self-esteem for all!



Medic: We need Season Two on DVD, stat!
Amy: It's coming out four episodes per month in the UK starting this April! But that would be really expensive! They might finish by September but who knows how long I'll have to wait for the boxset! When's it out in the US? *reaches out with her rapidly-cooling hands to try and find it on the internet*

Waah, I love it so much I want more! Will have to watch more SG-1 as it is relatively the same thing, even if it doesn't mean I find out if John survives his suicide mission (I know he will, because he's the hero, but you know what I mean! You get to the point where you're sitting there going "Ohmigod! John, please be okay, you're too lovely and cool and hot to die!" {And Rodney is totally thinking that too, Sammy, so there!})

God I love Stargate. I may be a weirdo, but at least I'm a weirdo with good taste!
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Yesterday was brilliant. Everyone at the slash fiction study day was lovely, and talking to them was so fun, because everyone knew exactly what you were talking about, and we were all into the same fandoms. I was surprised by how many older women were there, actually, because I hadn't really thought of fandom as being something older people were into (like in their 40s or something.) They were all lovely, anyway, and I suspect more young people didn't come because it was a weekday, so that may explain it.

Anyone who wants to can read the abstracts of the talks when they see me next, or I'll talk to you about it, but typing it all would be hard so I'm not going to. It's more of a thing you can talk about conversationally, anyway.

But some lovely Sentinel fans gave me the links to the mailing lists, the ones everyone talks about but never directs you to! So I'm going to go over and join up.


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