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I've been trying to decide what I wanted to say about the new Star Trek movie for almost a week now. This is for two main reasons - one, I have resolved that I should make both more frequent and more meaningful (aka more discussion, less boring) posts , and two, BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY FRIGGING AWESOME AND IT BLEW MY MIND OMG!!!

IT IS SO, SO AWESOME. This may not be a particularly deep comment, but it's true. Not only was the casting excellent - I love Zachary Quinto! Now he's been a superpowered serial killer and a vulcan, both of which rank about a 10 on my awesomeness scale - but the whole thing was both respectful of the source material and yet wholly its own thing, which is a very difficult balance to pull off. In short, I spent the whole time internally squeeing and trying not to disturb the rest of the audience in the cinema with crazy sealion clapping every five seconds as something even more awesome happened.

There were just so many perfect moments between the characters, real pay-off moments that made me nearly explode with glee. Spock and Kirk's antagonistic relationship turning into effortless partnership was, of course, the highlight, but Spock nerve-pinching Kirk has to come a close second (that made my movie. Also, the giant ice-planet monsters. And explosions. I like movies where everything blows up.)

I think most fannish people by now have probably seen just how much Star Trek XI is exploding into fandom (unsurprisingly if you've seen it, as it is SUCH a fannish film.) One of the things I think is pretty awesome is how Star Trek was one of the very first fandoms in the way that we know fandom today, and was, in fact, the origins of slash. So seeing Kirk/Spock coming up again in a big way is really fun in a meta-sense, because it means slash has come around full circle. We're back at the beginning again, only this time, we're even bigger and better and more organised! We don't have to post slash to each other in the mail any more (I am so glad, sometimes, to be a child of the digital age, you have no idea. I am just not that patient!)

(BTW, if you're interested in the fanfic, there's quite a bit already tagged on my delicious, as ever.)

We know they're writing a sequel, and, frankly, there's no way a juggernaut like this isn't going to have that sequel made and banked. All I want to know is, how long am I going to have to wait? I want it noooooooooooooooow!

Seriously, just AWESOME. I'm going to go see it again as soon as I have the chance. Anyone want to come?
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