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When you think I probably read ten fics for every one I save, that's a lot of fic you guys.
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Yahoo Trying To Unload Del.icio.us, Not Shut It Down


This has been a day of MAJOR PANIC for my fannishness, so news like this is awesome. And also hilarious - because clearly Yahoo! have NO IDEA what people want and like and need, which is kind of sucky when you're a company that supposedly makes things that people want and like and need in order to make money.

Also, think of poor diigo staffers, who thought they were about to make it super-big with the cave-in of delicious and now everyone will head straight back to the pool from whence we spawned, leaving their servers overloaded with our stuff. Ah, well. I hear fish came out, wandered around on land for a few millenia then went back again, too. Bagsy being the orca, they're totally stylish.
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1000 recs on my del.icio.us!
1000 recs on my del.icio.us!

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A few things at random today:

  • Seriously, have you been following the fanlib saga? It is all kinds of crazy, funny and worrying, and if you're a fandom person you really should at least read one of the many good summaries of the events so far.

  • Saw this old man today, this would be his recruitment advert: Have scary beard, will travel.

  • Anyone feel up to some beta work on some of my original stuff at the moment? There's only one thing probably that's live and long enough to bother with, but I'm actually thinking it might be useful to get someone to look at some of my other ongoing projects, see if they can get a bit of a jumpstart from a fresh pair of eyes.

  • If you haven't heard about Strikethrough 2007, it's basically LJ getting bitched at by child protection vigilantes and then banning a load of fandom journals instead of the actual paedophiles' journals, including [livejournal.com profile] pornish_pixies, one of the oldest HP fan archives. Four years worth of stories gone. It looks to be resolving itself slowly, but I'd still go and join [livejournal.com profile] fandom_counts. It's a comm with no posts, you just have to join it to add your name to the list of fannish people on lj who are basically paying the banninators' wages. Also interesting just from a personal point of view, getting an idea of how many of us there really are :)

  • Seriously, del.icio.us account. You are getting too big now, you are embarrassing me >-<;;

    ETA: hey, look, [livejournal.com profile] pornish_pixies is back! Yay, lj!
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    Six hundred and three links now on my del.icio.us.


    When did this happen? WHEN?

    ...of course, five or six are icon tutorials, which I've saved in case they're useful and have marked up private so that they don't get in the way of the ficcage.

    But... 603? Seriously?

    I need more homework orthoptics department!
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    Just hit 200 SGA recs on my del.icio.us. That is probably the most fic I have ever read for any one series EVER (although of course SG fandom is horrifyingly, wonderfully prolific and talented.)

    So this morning I woke up and it was sunny and nice outside and it WASN'T COLD which was weird but lovely, and there were squirrels and blue tits playing happy animal games down in the courtyard below my window, I kid you not, it was like a sappy Disney movie where the heroine is just about to sing and all the woodland creatures join in and adore her etcetera, and while I am not a bad singer that is definitely not me, so who knows what was going on there?

    I watched the first two episodes of The Dresden Files tv show, and the books are much better. I know they have to make it episodic but they changed quite a lot of things and basically it was kinda-but-not-quite rubbish, as in I'll keep watching it but grumble to myself about how much better the books are and how James Marsters should have done it like Jim Butcher wanted him to (though the current actor isn't bad, per se.)

    I also watched the first episode of The Lost Room, which is AWESOME. It's a really interesting idea, and Dakota Fanning's little sister is in it and she's a great actress too, and SO GODDAMN CUTE. So basically watch it if you get a chance.
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    Ohmigod, how much fic do I READ?!?!

    And, because polls are fun:

    [Poll #919470]
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    So I appear to have been the only person on the entire internet who took a few days off over Christmas :D I had so much backreading to do on my flist, it took me all morning! That said, most of it was fic, and mmmmmm *is pleased* Check my del.icio.us for new links. I'm planning on trying to finish putting up my old links in the next couple of weeks, because - da da daaaah - I've changed web browsers to Firefox. Which is AWESOME. I mean, it has the tab thing (like the new IE7, except better, because IE totally stole that), it works better with del.icio.us, it's pretty, and it doesn't have that FUCKING pop-up virus I can't seem to shift. Also, awesome.

    I really, really, really want more Clark/Lex fic with them raising Conner. Because that stuff is probably one of my favourite fanfic 'types' ever. Also, more Heroes Petrellicest, because it should be wrong but IT'S OKAY JUST TO READ IT, right? I'm not going to Hell or something? (You know, the Special Hell reserved for fanficcers who don't know the boundaries of modern morality?)

    I've been reading Due South fanfic again too, because [livejournal.com profile] isiscolo has been linking it from DS Sekrit Santa. Forgot how much I love the fandom. Dammit, I keep getting sucked right back down into them all over again *nervous laughter*

    Oh well. Had a good Christmas, hope you did too :) I need to revise so much, I've barely done anything >-<

    Oh, and I caved in and got a facebook. So if you're on there, add me or summat, won't you?
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    Okay, so, more on my new del.icio.us account, because I am ridiculous pleased with it even though it is what I have spent ALL MY FREE TIME doing today:

    I've now uploaded all of my SGA links and almost all of my HP links. This means about 152 fics so far, all in all. IT TAKES TIME TO DO IT, OKAY? And I get distracted by fics I'd forgotten about. I've also sorted as best I can my tags into rough groupings by fandom, and also made a separate group just for author names, because I feel they need tagging in case they have more than one fic but they clutter up my tags, yo. It's a long group in the tags section down the side, but if you click on the little arrow next to the part where it says 'authors' then the group disappears and everything is shiny and happy. And I also made a group just for the main fandom tags so you can just go to the fandom and see everything in there before you start discriminating against weird pairings and stuff.

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    These links go to my new del.icio.us account, where I'm working towards bookmarking all of the fanfic that I've saved links to because it's worth reccing. So click on the links to go see what's up there. The larger the text, the more entries. At the moment, I've only put up half or so of my SGA fic recs.

    Edit: Okay... so it would if the BLOODY SCRIPT WORKED. ARGH! Try here.


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