Aug. 10th, 2011

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A friend of mine who lives in Manchester told me this story today:

“I have just left Manchester city centre … A lady with a number of Big Issue Magazines approached me with tears running down her face. She said “I don’t want you to buy one, could you just protect me? I am so frightened.”

I really hope these destructive bastards get what they deserve. There’s a petition calling for anyone convicted of rioting in London to be stripped of benefits on the epetitions website that’s got over 78000 signatures as of 5pm tonight. My name was on there two minutes after I heard about it.
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For [ profile] lemniciate's fabulous mixtape exchange!

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

1. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
2. Born This Way - Lady GaGa
3. Meet me at my window - Jack's Mannequin
4. 100 Suns - 30 seconds to Mars
5. Bigger than my Body - John Mayer
6. Changed the way you kiss me - Example
7. Heart's a mess - Gotye
8. What if - Bombay Bicycle Club
9. Rise - The Frames
10. Bang Bang (my baby shot me down) - Nancy Sinatra
11. Mr Brightside - The Killers
12. Bigger than us - White Lies

This really ended up as kind of a progression of their relationship through the film, and how the world breaks up that love despite them. I hope you like it, [ profile] brilligspoons!
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For [ profile] lemniciate's fabulous mixtape exchange!

All You Did Was Save My Life

1. The Modern Leper - Frightened Rabbit
2. You Should Have Known I Would Leave - VAST
3. Far From Home - Five Finger Death Punch
4. All You Did Was Save My Life - Our Lady Peace
5. Drive - Melissa Ferrick
6. Kiss With A Fist - Florence and the Machine
7. Violence is Golden - Scanners
8. Breathe - Greenwheel


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