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I love the premise, too - an invasion movie that focuses on people hiding from the aliens rather than the invasion itself, a claustrophobic kind of film. So looking forward to this.

ETA: Weirdly, on my lj layout the edge of the video seems to disappear under the edge of the pageframe. So if it does that for you too, and you too wish to experience the BADASSNESS, here it is in light format on my lj.
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Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku are teaming up for another new, awesome-sounding TV show, with seven episodes already paid for.

The problem being? It's on the FOX network. Who as we all know, cancel everything that's any good. So I've joined this new lj community, [livejournal.com profile] save_dollhouse, which has been started so that we can all wait for the inevitable and be already set up to start the campaign when we need it XD

Isn't it hilarious how true it is, that this is going to be needed, and we just go ahead and set up in preparation before they've even started filming?
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*iz ded*
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Did you watch it yet? )
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So okay, I went to my test today and I'm oretty sure I did okay anyway, I only had to get 40% and while my brain-mouth connection gets awful when I'm ill my brain is still there thank GOD. So even though I woke up this morning with my head full of yuck and a headache and a sore throat and tired and kinda dizzy and nearly fell over in the shower and now I have stomach cramps as well, I don't have to go in again this week if I don't want to (assuming I'm ill, I mean.)

I watched the last part of 'The Lost Room' which was awesome all the way through, and the third episode of The Dresden Files which still sucks ass but it's something to watch. I really, really, really want my Jim Butcher books now. Maybe I'll bring them back with me from home.

Thank you for kind sympathy of illness etc, it makes me feel better ^-^
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Just hit 200 SGA recs on my del.icio.us. That is probably the most fic I have ever read for any one series EVER (although of course SG fandom is horrifyingly, wonderfully prolific and talented.)

So this morning I woke up and it was sunny and nice outside and it WASN'T COLD which was weird but lovely, and there were squirrels and blue tits playing happy animal games down in the courtyard below my window, I kid you not, it was like a sappy Disney movie where the heroine is just about to sing and all the woodland creatures join in and adore her etcetera, and while I am not a bad singer that is definitely not me, so who knows what was going on there?

I watched the first two episodes of The Dresden Files tv show, and the books are much better. I know they have to make it episodic but they changed quite a lot of things and basically it was kinda-but-not-quite rubbish, as in I'll keep watching it but grumble to myself about how much better the books are and how James Marsters should have done it like Jim Butcher wanted him to (though the current actor isn't bad, per se.)

I also watched the first episode of The Lost Room, which is AWESOME. It's a really interesting idea, and Dakota Fanning's little sister is in it and she's a great actress too, and SO GODDAMN CUTE. So basically watch it if you get a chance.
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So I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got around to watching this week's episode of SGA. I'd been kind of 'meh' about watching it to be truthful, because there's been so much cruddy filler lately that I've been more like, 'you know, I'd rather read fanfic.' But this week was really GOOD so YAY :D

Also, best line ever: "Why don't you guys just make out and get it over with, huh?"

And everyone was made of awesome. I love Lorne, did I ever tell you that? Loads of great character moments, really good. Thank God for a good episode :)

And Supernatural this week... AWESOME. Jensen Ackles (Dean) keeps getting hotter. Demons and Jo not being Dean's future girlfriend and Sam being awesome and Bobby, who is also awesome. Mostly, MADE OF AWESOME, OKAY? is my reaction :D
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Okay, so, SGA 313, fun and stuff, but seriously, where's the cheerful joking at the end coming from right after the thing that happens with the guy? (I'm being deliberately obtuse here for those of you who won't have seen it yet.) I mean, yes, it's fun and I love you all and God knows I appreciate John running around being hot and stuff and Rodney being quietly brave but it just seems a little... um... upbeat? Also, CONTINUITY! SERIOUSLY! REMEMBER, HOW IN THE FIRST SEASON YOU SAID THIS BUT NOW YOU SAY THAT? *ahem*

I so wish you were all watching this at the same time as me, it would make things so much easier for the ranting and the raving.

Also, I made this icon.
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Okay, so the first part of 'The Return' was kinda kronky, (that was the mid-season finale), but this rocked. John's emoting hair! Rodney! THEY BLEW UP THE WHAT?!?! Rodney! And Jack! *loves Jack*

I want to go live in Atlantis and be cool like Rodney TT-TT
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...seriously, come tomorrow, I'm going to be watching it and giggling like a looney, I just know it. *waves of SGA love*

BTW, anyone taken me up on my suggestion of watching Heroes? Because you know, it's really damn good.
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I bought a million t-shirts and a million books and four DVD boxsets (Sears is really weirdly cheap, whole seasons for what is the equivalent atm of £20 with the great exchange rate - got Prison Break Season One, The Sentinel Season One, Medium Season One and Numb3rs Season One) and it was fab right up to the point in the queue to check-in for the flight back where I CAUGHT MY DAD'S STUPID AWFUL COLD. It managed to develop from a slightly bunged nose then into a full-on stuffed-up, sore throat, headache horrible cold by the time I got on the plane for the first leg of our trip home, a six-and-a-half hour flight from Chicago to Dublin overnight. And then when we finally got home I tried to take some better medicine and threw up in the sink. I'm a bit better now, thanks to Day Nurse, but it couldn't have bloody waited until we were all the way home so I didn't have to do the whole journey like that, could it. Nooooo...


Had a great time. The sky is so big in Wisconsin, it's actually kinda scary for somebody who's used to the hills and not those great wide plains with nothing to obscure the view. And Chicago - if ever I go to live in the States, which I might for a couple of years (you can do that as an orthoptist, which is neat) then I'd like to live there. Pretty much everyone is really friendly and helpful, and there aren't as many really dumb annoying people as you think there might be (no offense to any Americans, but we don't get the best impression of you here in Britain any more. Blame George Bush.) I was really glad to get home, anyway. Proper British cars! Proper British trees and spindly old fences! Proper British windy little lanes where not even two Mini's can get past each other but we manage anyway!

BTW - can anyone give me a synopsis of this whole thing with the terrorists and the planes? This happens every year when I go on holiday, and then I can never find out enough about it to really understand what's going on.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] pobbit, did you get the CD of SGA I posted you? And does anyone have eps four and five of season three? ETA: Found them with a million seeds, so got them basically dled now :)

ETA2: Would anyone be interested in an essay I'm thinking of writing about slash, and the things that make us see that in relationships between male characters? I was trying to get to sleep one night in the States and ended up thinking about it as a proposal for the next Slash Study Day, if I end up being able to go. It's going to have a kick-ass title, too, "All But(t) Sex - What Are You Seeing That I'm Not?" (The original was "All But(t) Sex - You're Making This Shit Up, Aren't You?" but I decided it wasn't descriptive enough despite being funny ^-^)
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I am a bad, bad person. I keep buying DVDs when I haven't finished watching what I already have. The problem is that I know I have the money so my willpower is about zip right now, and then Dad is sort of low-key disapproving and I feel bad about it. (I bought Lois and Clark Season Two yesterday, and just bought the first two seasons of Smallville from eBay. I got hooked on the fanfic by accident and now want to watch it, dagnabbit.)

I think I'll just go upstairs and watch lots of the second season of Lois and Clark so that I can a) get my Superman fix now that the movie has addicted me; and b) have watched some of my DVDs so I'm not such a silly person.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] ionaonie:List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same. If you read this, you're tagged. This is far too much fun to limit to only 5 people.

  • Clark Kent/Superman from Lois and Clark. He's lovely and sweet and gorgeous.

  • Jim Ellison from The Sentinel, and Blair too (singly or together, whatever *laugh*)

  • Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1, and if you've seen it you know why

  • Jack O'Neill from SG1, because of the sarcasm and the time he wore glasses while handling an enormous shotgun, which was something I wasn't expecting to be hot as hell

  • Wolverine from X-men movieverse, just because of the animal magnetism. Also, you can be fairly sure that he won't die on you, which is kinda a bonus.

  • Clay, from the 'Women of the Otherworld' series by Kelley Armstrong. He's incredibly strong and gorgeous, very protective, and an incredibly intelligent university professor!

  • John Sheppard from SGA, for the hair mostly, and for the drawl too.

  • Rodney McKay! (SGA) He's not conventionally attractive, but the force of his personality somehow makes him really attractive. And the smart. I really like smart guys.

  • Josh Lyman from The West Wing, because of the hair and the wisecracking. And that goshdarned smile of his.

  • Ray Kowalski from Due South. I was expecting myself to say 'Benton Fraser', but actually I find Ray more attractive... not sure why, a personality thing I guess.
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    Started watching Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman today. I'd forgotten how much I liked it, actually, though for different reasons than I did as a child; it's really fun. It may be fluffy nonsense, really, but it's good fluffy nonsense. I like the whole 'Lois is in love with Superman and ignores poor Clark' thing a lot, it really works. And I like the fact that Dean Cain is regularly not wearing a shirt. Mmm...

    Also finished watching the first half of the first season of Angel. I still miss Doyle, but Wesley is a dork, which is kinda cute in a doofus kinda way. (These being my affectionate insults for people I like really.)
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    Last night we went to see Hayfever, a Noel Coward play in London starring Judy Dench. It was a lovely, short, gorgeously silly piece of fluffy nonsense, and it was great. Dame Judy, naturally, was as always fantastic. (And isn't it fannish of me to suddenyl think, 'why isn't she in Harry Potter?')

    Also, despite my best efforts to be good and not buy more DVDs, I liked Angel enough that I then went on ebay and, seeing a really good offer, bought all five seasons on boxset DVD. (oh, the shame!) But it was less than £10 a season! How could I not? (her justifying-bad-behaviour inner voice cries)
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    Why did Doyle have to die in the first season of Angel? I know this may be old news to you, but it's right now for me, and I liked him! He was my favourite character, though obviously I like Angel too. I mean, it was a good way to go out, if you have to go out, but really, don't be dead, Doyle, you silly half-demon lovelyman!

    Also, the episode with Buffy in it I thought was kinda lame a lot of the time. What was with the Oracle's body paint? Some of it was gloriously painful and emotional, but most of the Buffy bits were 'I am Buffy, see me kick ass in a less than interesting way'. Angel was far more interesting than Buffy in that episode.

    Two more episodes of Angel to go before I've finished my half-season video boxset (£5 at The Works in High Wycombe) and I move on to something else. I want the rest of it now, though... damn my emptying wallet!

    Icon dump

    Apr. 19th, 2006 01:52 pm
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    Icon dump!

    3 Interview with the Vampire
    6 Kingdom Hearts
    2 Miscellaneous
    2 Emma Watson
    6 Constantine
    2 Stargate Atlantis
    5 Stargate SG1
    1 Harry Potter

    Icons galore! )


    Apr. 12th, 2006 03:29 pm
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    This is a post of all the icons I've made so far, including the ones made as gifts for people. (If you want me to keep those off, so that you can have exclusive rights to them, tell me and I'll take them down ^-^) There are lots, but after this of course there will be smaller batches.

    Icons are arranged by fandom.

    14 Harry Potter
    4 Stargate SG-1
    10 Stargate Atlantis
    8 Supernatural
    2 I Capture the Castle
    2 Narnia
    2 Phantom of the Opera
    1 Original/Queer as Folk (I forget which... whether it was QaF or not...)
    1 Art
    3 V for Vendetta
    1 The West Wing
    1 Garden State

    A mountain of icons... 40-odd, naturally graphics-heavy )
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    So today I sent Aaron an email basically telling him that nothing's going to happen. And I feel like a real heel, too. So, self-esteem for all!



    Medic: We need Season Two on DVD, stat!
    Amy: It's coming out four episodes per month in the UK starting this April! But that would be really expensive! They might finish by September but who knows how long I'll have to wait for the boxset! When's it out in the US? *reaches out with her rapidly-cooling hands to try and find it on the internet*

    Waah, I love it so much I want more! Will have to watch more SG-1 as it is relatively the same thing, even if it doesn't mean I find out if John survives his suicide mission (I know he will, because he's the hero, but you know what I mean! You get to the point where you're sitting there going "Ohmigod! John, please be okay, you're too lovely and cool and hot to die!" {And Rodney is totally thinking that too, Sammy, so there!})

    God I love Stargate. I may be a weirdo, but at least I'm a weirdo with good taste!
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    Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday- I wasn't online yesterday because I was too busy watching my new Stargate Atlantis boxset *grin* I love it, it's really good. And to that effect, a new icon! Look, it's Rodney! *Amy is an ENORMOUS Rodney fan*

    It's all part of my new plan to learn to make pretty icons. Do you like? I'll insert the other three below (the SGA ones are better than the SG1 one.)

    Other than my brithday, this week has been 'Amy visits the medical practitioner' week, because I have been to three medical-type appointments this week. (This is only really because I'm trying to get everything done and dusted - don't worry, I'm still alive, so the party goes ahead as planned :D)

    I also finally gave in and bought an SG1 novel from the bookshop because even though it looked awful I had hope in my heart. I have hardly got any distance through it and I;m sad to report it is absolutely godawful. The litany of its deficiencies is long. Long and I'm going to write it to vent my anger.

  • The viewpoint skips around randomly from line to line with no thought as to the comprehension of the reader
  • The author has only the most minimal grasp of the personalities of the characters and cannot get it right - they seem cardboard and to be based only on their most external attributes
  • The writing is choppy and has no flow, with sentences thrown in because they fleshed it out
  • The writer seems desperate to prove her knowledge of the show by constantly referring to previous occurences
  • There is an English old lady in it who calls everyone 'ducky' and says stuff like 'bloody Nora!' (though, of course, Carter for no discernible reason yells 'Holy Hannah!')
  • It is the most generic SG novel ever - she has written it as though writing an episode inside her head. It is not quite the same thing.
  • There are so many good fanfic authors out there who are much better than this person, and yet they chose this godawful writer who cannot write and should be shot rather than published. Whyyyyy?!?!
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