Mar. 9th, 2010

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Anyone up for a Night Safari at the British Museum? Sounds kick-ass, right? It would have to be May, though, as I'm in San Diego in July. Also, it's a Monday night, if that's a problem for anyone.

So this week [ profile] inmemorybound and I have been to see two movies - The Lovely Bones and Legion.

The Lovely Bones: lost a lot of its wonder when it moved from page to screen. )

Legion: pretty much Terminator with angels. )
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So today was a pig of an afternoon at work, but not because of shenanigans, just because it was so busy and then I was supposed to see TWO five o'clock patients myself (I finish at 5:30pm.) Thankfully one didn't show up but I still ended up leaving late, and thus didn't get a chance to look over my notes thoroughly for the afternoon before my boss gets them tomorrow. I had a quick check, but I'm unhappy about not being able to really sit down after clinic and make sure.

That said, a totally awesome rec today!

This fic I stumbled across on delicious (as I so often do) and totally fell in love with. Thoughtcrimes is a great Joe Flanigan movie anyway, but the chemistry between the two main characters and what this means longterm is really explored in this fic without having to cover it all - it's just there, omnipresent and wonderful.

I Love My Love by [ profile] hth_the_first. Summary: Sometimes, after almost spending almost six years with the same person, day after day, the same weird habits, the same repetitive thoughts – God, sometimes she just wanted to kill him on general principle.

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