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We talk about
                        everything –
            words rambling like briars over
fertile ground, reaching
                        for some common goal, some
            shared opinion. We
                        disagree, sometimes, but gently.
We agree, mostly, in a rush of same syllable synchrony,
        tripping over one another, tanglefooted.
                                    Bedtime comes too soon.
                                    So do phone bills.
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I'm coming up to the end of the current part of Everyday Love in Stockholm and I'm trying to decide if the name for the next part is terrible or not. Like most things it just popped into my head and won't leave.

Opinions? Here are the current part names with the new one at the bottom. Behind cut for minor spoiler.

Naming parts is haaaaard )

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            There is a space where you were,
a vacuum, starless;
                        a hole in lost time.
                                    A gap, like a missing tooth
            I niggle with my tongue while waiting for the bus;
                                    sore and open but with no chance of filling.
            You did not choose this.
            Neither did I.
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A poem

doesn't have to be

read aloud       in                                          
arching voices;               
                        it can be


lay it out in                               
                                      strange arrangements

across a page like

                  blueprints for
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Early morning wake-up call
"Wrong number,
I lie in bed and curse the ceiling
as the dark room fades to dim-lit dawn
surrender; thermostat clicks on and off
as radiators gurgle.
Sleep is on-and-off fragments.
When sun comes up the phone is silent.
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I’ve read this
too many times
severed sentences like
falling limbs cut off from
just sounds and letters stringed
together like
daisy chains
each one the same
unbeautiful and stationary
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spill out
puking ink
splatter paper curlicues and
sans seraph epitaphs

more like a disease than a desire
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During day when cannot write: La la la la la everything is awesome! La la la!

During evening when trying to write action-y sequence: OH MY GOD I AM THE WORST EVER I SHOULD DELETE EVERYTHING I AM GOING TO GO LIVE UNDER A ROCK AND CRY ;o;

...action is not my forte.
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You are not
I messaged you last night by email.
We often speak in pixels; telephone rarely.
Electronic best friend,
  Somewhere you are a person
On the other end of our paper cup ---- and ---- string
    Speaking into the electric air.
I receive your words at the notification sound.
No face
  No outer shell
                  We commune, plugged in
                                  mind to

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Tonight I am flailing around in the twirly, swirly whirlpool of 'what the heck happens next in this story I DON'T EVEN KNOW ARGH.'

(For those unaware, the Whirlpool of WTHHNITSIDKA is one of the more oddly named geographical features of the North Buckinghamshire area, otherwise renowned for the Pit of Holy Shit No It's A Plothole and the Swamp of Why The Heck Am I Doing This Anyway, I Could Have Been A Doctor.)
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Was gonna wait til I was done but I had a really awful day so I decided to hell with it, I'll start posting it to the meme now and hopefully get some nice feedback :D

Title: Everyday Love in Stockholm

Fandom: X-Men First Class

Pairing: Erik/Charles

Prompt: Magneto is the ruler of the posthuman world. His only secret? Charles Xavier, the human he's kept locked in his bedroom ever since his right-hand woman, Mystique, came to him pleading for mercy for her stepbrother, who accepted her mutant form and protected her as a child. The human he started fucking after Mystique was killed in battle, despite the guilt he feels at contaminating even this last promise to the woman who was integral to his life's work and happiness.

(Everyday Love in Stockholm)
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In a surprising turn of events, I have found myself actually writing fic tonight. Considering I can rarely make myself sit down to write at all, let alone fanfic, I'm pretty pleased with myself. Of course it remains to be seen whether I can keep this up or if it's just a flash in the pan.
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I have started and deleted and started and deleted this post about five times now so I figure I'll just wing it and see. Nothing terrible, don't worry!

I'm looking for somebody to help me with my novel project. I sat down this week to reread what I've done so far- gain some perspective, see where I've been and work out what needs doing- but the more I read the more certain I've become that I need somebody to sit down with it, read it and give me an honest critique of the damn thing, discuss the problems I see with it and help me think through what to do about them.

Some of you guys ([livejournal.com profile] ionaonie in particular) have already read it and told me a few things, but I really feel the need for an in-depth breakdown of it, and that's why I thought I'd ask and see if anybody would be willing to help me out.

It's about 45k words at the moment, fantasy novel with a romantic theme, and it's got dragonbirds and tree cities and fighting off wyverns and almost-but-not-quite-kissing and pretty ladies who are also dragonbird riders and men with big swords and guns (heh) and lizard people in it! WHO WOULDN'T WANT THAT IN THEIR LIFE, RIGHT? RIGHT? (oh god please be interested other human beings!

Anybody up for a try? I'll owe you a big favour of your choosing (not a turn of phrase, like I will actually help you out with something in return.)

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Under the strict (and scary!) orders of [livejournal.com profile] leviathans_moon, I did some actual for-reals writing tonight.

I know, I'm stocking up for the apocalypse too.

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This has been one of those evenings where I read/see/find something super cool that somebody else has made/done/written and feel very underaccomplished. I don't know about you, but it always makes my inner creative nut swell with bombastic cries of 'I'm going to do something super cool and then I will be accomplished, too! I will be so accomplished that I will be TOO AWESOME TO LOOK AT and people will TREMBLE WITH JEALOUSY AND THE FUTILITY OF THEIR PUNY LIVES.'

Then I go back to reading fanfic and musing over whether to hit up eBay for some awesome wide-legged jeans, and lamenting having to go back to work tomorrow, instead of harnessing my ego to the oxcart of Productivity and actually Getting Shit Done.

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35984 / 100000


Still going! I'm trying to up my daily wordcount at the moment, get my brain trained for production, but time always vanishes when I'm concentrating on writing - I look up and it's been over an hour and a half and I've written maybe a thousand words, max. I don't know if this is normal, but I think the problem is that I was much more prolific back in high school and so I can't help but compare my current writing speed to my old one, even though I probably spend more time thinking about what I'm doing these days and thus produce better quality work (I hope.)

As an update to my previous whine about this, Curie is still not 100% sure about Bren, but she seems to have sort of decided she likes him. Naturally, things are about to go tits up, but that's when it gets really interesting :D

And just to satisfy my own ego, have an extract!

Random extract for yooooooou )
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[livejournal.com profile] concrit_anon: the community for honest and constructive feedback!
(Click the banner to get started!)
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I guess maybe it'll work out in the wash? I hope?

26557 / 100000
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19226 / 100000

It's been slow going for a few days - not sure why, think I probably shouldn't have given myself a night off when I did. Nonetheless, I seem to still be going and I've written a good amount tonight, so I'll take it as a win!


This fic made me laugh so hard my internal organs hurt. It's completely and utterly ridiculously funny crack - and yet, somehow, still seems in-character? If you would like to read about how Cobb is a registered nurse, Arthur has always secretly wanted to be Robin the Boy Wonder and Yusuf can move things with his mind, read on!

The Adventures of Yusuf, Best Superhero Ever by [livejournal.com profile] jibrailis. Extract: Yusuf had not expected the process that would start with him being bitten by a cat and end up with him becoming a superhero, but to be fair, he hadn't expected Casual Friday either.

Tags: inception, yusuf, arthur, gen, fic, cliche:superpowers, a:jibrailis

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Hi to all my lovely new friends I made today on [livejournal.com profile] lemniciate's friend-rec'ing-meme-thing! *waves at you all*

Something cool I found today: Edit Minion is an internet tool that scans your prose for weak words, funny word placements, cliches etc and points them out to you so you can decide whether to change things or not. Obviously real editing is still down to you, but I quite like it, and plan to use it to strengthen my writing in future. Speaking of...

17021 / 100000

I have a terrible feeling this story is going to be a lot longer than I intended it to be, seeing as I'm, like, a fifth of the way into my proposed wordcount and they haven't even gone on the lam yet. This would not be a problem except that I kind of want to see about getting this published someday and first time novelists find it very difficult to sell what I understand the industry calls 'chihuahua killers.'

(So named because if you hold it out at shoulder height and drop it, it would kill a chihuahua stone dead. Trufax. I am not even making this up, yo.)

However, Pachua is fast becoming the best character, despite being the only one who can't talk. Why so awesome, giant bird-lizard?


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