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Feeling very productive today! Today I:

  • Got my hair cut
  • Bought a new outfit (I have been staring mournfully into my wardrobe for ages now, hating everything I own and yearning to buy something, and finally PAY DAY ARRIVED.)
  • Finally defeated the mountain of washing up that had been growing in my kitchen (it was approaching sentient life. This is what happens when you have 8 plates, 8 bowls, and live alone.)
  • Cooked a massive quantity of macaroni cheese (yum!) so I can freeze a lot of it for later meals and order less takeaway

    Sadly this does not seem to have solved the problem of me staring at the blinking cursor once again going 'um. What do I write now.'

    The problem is that I'm really bad at writing 'journey' sections, so either I tend to skip them or blast past them, but I'm trying to make an effort at making this one interesting and getting stuck. Anyone have any tips? (If you're interested, you can read the relevant section of my WIP behind this cut )
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    So I've found a way to motivate myself to write a little bit every day. Don't ask me why it works, because it's really simple, but it does, and I thought some of you guys might be interested (especially with NaNoWriMo literally just around the corner!)

    It's called One Page Per Day and it's literally just this blank page you log into and just write whatever you want. It saves it automatically so you can go back to it, nobody else can see it if you don't want them to, and it sends you an email - not an annoying email, just a gentle reminder - to encourage you to write if you haven't already on a given day. I've written the last four out of five days since I signed up to this, so it seems to be working for me, at least.

    Anyway, thought I'd share :)
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    11728 / 50000

    This Mortal Armour

    I know this is still a WIP, but I've been thinking lately that I might really benefit from having a proper beta reader. Would anyone be interested? I'm looking for someone to give it a really in-depth reading and poke at it viciously until I weep but it's much better. (Kidding about the weeping... I think.) Mostly I want to approach it like a real editor would, if that makes sense.

    Hope someone feels they can help! I'm not a big fan of asking on comms for a total stranger to do it, since you never know what you'll be getting.
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    11204 / 50000

    This Mortal Armour

    50k is a total guess. This thing is looking to get longer all the time. Starting to think it's gonna be a novel.

    Considering I have struggled to write even 200 words a day absolute max for the past - oh, two years? - writing 952 today has made my night.

    Expect more wordcounters as time goes on- sorry if I spam you, but it helps keep me motivated :)

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    Is it still a sin to include an anachronistic word in a period-type fantasy if by using that word what comes out makes you accidentally choke on your own spit because you laugh so hard?

    Seriously, I don't know where Landon and his dialogue came from, because I don't feel like it's from the inside of my head. It's more like he's a real (crazy) person somewhere else feeding me lines.

    (Getting to use my This Mortal Armour icon for the win!)
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    Decided freaking out about my writing by myself was not really very helpful or productive, so I'm going to post the project I'm currently working on here, and I'd really appreciate it if people could take the time to read it and give me a little feedback? Any level of response is fine, just need some reassurance that it's not total pants.

    ETA 13/7/10: now updated with additional crazy!

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