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Lucy tweaked her plans a little bit so now I will be home the weekeknd of the 21st/22nd. Yaaaay!

Um, that's all I can think of!

I'm really getting bad at this!

Why so many exclamation marks?!?!?!


Stargate SG-1 has been greenlighted by MGM for two movies, probably straight-to-DVD, which means that will almost certainly be the end of the show. Apparently the first will wrap up the Ori storyline and the second will involve time travel. (To me, that sounds really dumb, like they pulled it out their asses, but maybe they can pull it off.)

This sucks! But it's not as bad as a total cliffhanger for ever and ever.


Sep. 16th, 2006 12:26 pm
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Three banners for you this weekend :) One I made last week and two over the last couple of days. The Supernatural banner (the third one) is the one I'd recommend if you only wanna look at one (time, bandwidth, whatever) simply because it turned out so cool (yes, that is me being immodest. Again.)

So anyway, please look and give feedback :)

Jack/Daniel - Ghost of a Shark

Summercon 2006 banner for [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn

Supernatural - Brothers in Arms
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Yay, Jack/Daniel banner goodness for all!

Go here for Jack/Daniel banner goodness
ETA:And now also here!

God, I read so much fanfic. I've read so much SGA stuff that now I start reading a fic and can't remember if I've read it before (which for me never happens, I remember pretty much everything I've ever read and how the plot goes and even specific scenes down to dialogue sometimes depending on how memorable it was.)

Lucy's boyfriend Dan was over last night and met Dad for the first time and was generally nice and not annoying or weird, so he gets an approval rating. I managed not to do my usual overkill rambling thing that I usually do when I meet new people because it makes me anxious. This is a Good Thing because it makes me sound like an idiot.

When are people going away to uni? I head off on the 19th. If anyone wants to get together and do stuff before then, next week is the time. Drop me an email and we'll organise something :) I know I promised a zoo trip but I forgot. Sorry! Maybe next year?


Sep. 3rd, 2006 11:04 am
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You know the drill by now.

Jack/Daniel - Let me tell you...

McShep - I never know...
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Sci-Fi channel has cancelled Stargate SG-1! Come on guys, you couldn't have done it at the point where they'd written it to a perfect ending? You have to do it now where you'll leave everyone hanging? You guys suck ass.

Stargate Atlantis, however, has been picked up for a fourth season. So, y'know, yay! However they skipped this week for some kind of viewer's marathon so no McKay and Mrs Miller for me this week, either! And then apparently the second half of the season isn't going to come back until MARCH! What's up with that?!?! No! No! Just show it all so I can watch it now, you fucktards!

*hates US Sci-Fi channel*
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So I was going to go to the gym today (yesterday woke up feeling kinda bleurgh so didn't then either) but then Dad asked me to do something and I kinda went over the time I wanted to go so now I'm not going today either. Bad Amy!

Dad, since I've mentioned him, is sort of starting dating again now, which is weird but okay. I talked to him about it before he could talk to me about it, even though he'd put up an internet dating ad type thing before I brought it up, which is just further proof that I am in fact psychic and just don't know it. So he's seeing a lady called Gail tomorrow for dinner. Oo-er!

Started watching Season Six of Stargate SG-1; I'm actually enjoying it, which I didn't think I would because of the no-Daniel. I don't hate Jonas even though I thought I would (though I miss Daniel, obviously.) It's not his fault, and they didn't handle it as badly as I thought they might. Also, first two episodes, Rodney is in! Yaaaaay!

Saw the 200th celebratory episode of SG1, which is HILARIOUS. They did it so well - lots of nods to fannish in-jokes and making fun of themselves. There are PUPPETS and WIZARD OF OZ COSTUMES and if you want to see it just ask. I love sharing :) I really want to catch up-to-date now with SG1 so I'm hoping to be moving on quickly through the seasons :) Also considering importing them from the US as they have slim-pack DVDs rather than the UK monstrosities. Depends on the price.

I'm also dling season two of Numb3rs now, thanks Iona for the heads up, it's going to take ages though as I'm doing it all in one lump TT-TT
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So today I sent Aaron an email basically telling him that nothing's going to happen. And I feel like a real heel, too. So, self-esteem for all!



Medic: We need Season Two on DVD, stat!
Amy: It's coming out four episodes per month in the UK starting this April! But that would be really expensive! They might finish by September but who knows how long I'll have to wait for the boxset! When's it out in the US? *reaches out with her rapidly-cooling hands to try and find it on the internet*

Waah, I love it so much I want more! Will have to watch more SG-1 as it is relatively the same thing, even if it doesn't mean I find out if John survives his suicide mission (I know he will, because he's the hero, but you know what I mean! You get to the point where you're sitting there going "Ohmigod! John, please be okay, you're too lovely and cool and hot to die!" {And Rodney is totally thinking that too, Sammy, so there!})

God I love Stargate. I may be a weirdo, but at least I'm a weirdo with good taste!


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