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Had a great day at the Merlin Meet in London yesterday, as ever, and today thought maybe I ought to actually give out links to some of the fics I mentioned to people instead of just dangling them in front of people and taunting them :D

From a World More Full of Weeping by [livejournal.com profile] azarsuerte. Turns out I have two fics a bit like this - Susan Pevensie meets The Doctor. Summary: Two people meet who have nothing in common…except a world of loss.

Threads That Are Golden Don't Break Easily by Lady Paperclip. Summary: Susan meets Captain Harkness at various points in her life.

Off My Lawn! by Barrowjane. Kirk and Spock being grumpy old men! Extract: "Jim, I do not see the point of this," Spock said, turning the cane Jim had given him over in his hands. "Neither you or I require assistance in walking."

Intreat Me Not To Leave Thee by C.M. Decarnin. A long, beautiful D/s fic, sadly unfinished, but worth reading anyway - the endpoint is still somewhat satisfying, so not a total cliffhanger. Summary: Kirk gets an ultimatum.
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I want to recommend to you a fanfic that you absolutely have to read. In fact, it's almost not a fanfic, it's such an immersive AU, so even if you don't know the fandom, you can read it and understand exactly what is going on.

The Eighth Day by Brooke Henson.

Jim Ellison is a deaf-blind man in a sighted-hearing world, trying to make sense of things and be as independent as he possibly can. But it's not easy - he's very lucky, really, all things considered. Enter Blair Sandburg, a seeing-hearing man who seems to genuinely care about Jim and wants to get to know him. The slow, gradual development of a relationship between them changes Jim's ordered, organised life in ways he would never have believed he could.

Brooke Henson's prose is lyrical and beautiful, fully immersive until I was even thinking in deaf-blind terms as I went to the kitchen for a brief break, poetic and perfect. I fell in love with this fic almost from the get-go, and I desperately want you to, too. I sat and read it for four hours until I reached the (current) end. It's not finished, and hasn't been updated in six months or so - but please, please, please don't let that stop you from reading it. It's too wonderful to miss out on.

The first paragraph:

Jim stood out of the way of people passing, with his hand on the collection of wood strips that made the doorframe. Lori was late. She often made him feel time slow down and press like a flat hand on his sternum. Impatience. Steven had explained many times that, for people with sight and hearing, there were lots of distractions, so much to look at and listen to. So many paths to walk down. Choices. This made them lose their direction and forget their promises. Jim understood distractions; often he felt his mind lift up on air-rushes full of smells or slide down into the texture of cloth or… or… or…But he fought these pushes and pulls. It was terrible to lose your direction, your knowledge of place and position. Lori, when she came, would be blithe and happy, late or not it didn‘t matter, bringing with her the smells of outside in her hair and winter-cold rising up from her coat. Her apologies always seemed like game-words to Jim. Riddle-words that did not match her posture or movement.
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Even if you're not an SGA fan, you should go read this. It's beautiful, moving, and I cannot pimp it enough.

Male Enchancement (The Soul and the Company Store Remix)
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1000 recs on my del.icio.us!
1000 recs on my del.icio.us!

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I have time, but my brain just refuses to slow down enough to actually write! It's so frustrating! I'll have to try again later. If I force it, I'll only end up writing crap.

Anyway, watch this video, because it is FRIGGIN' AMAZING. Seriously. In a list of 'vids you must watch', this comes really high. You can watch it online at imeem if you don't want to download it, but seriously, just watch it, yeah?
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I hate how, sometimes, you love a book or a fanfic or a movie so much, but you can never ever read it or watch it for the first time again. You can never experience that again.

I love this fic so much. But it doesn't work the same when you read it again. And that makes me really sad. Because it is so. Beautiful. And you don't have to be a fan of The Sentinel to read this, really, just read it because it's perfect. Seriously. This is one of my top recs for the history of ever.

An Empty Sky by [livejournal.com profile] mz_bstone.

Even if you never read anything I rec ever again.
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These links go to my new del.icio.us account, where I'm working towards bookmarking all of the fanfic that I've saved links to because it's worth reccing. So click on the links to go see what's up there. The larger the text, the more entries. At the moment, I've only put up half or so of my SGA fic recs.

Edit: Okay... so it would if the BLOODY SCRIPT WORKED. ARGH! Try here.


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