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Wow. I read a lot of fic this evening. Maybe it's my spiffy new glasses (well, lenses) making the world all sharp again. No wonder I was getting frustrated - my sphere (the basic refractive error) had gone down but my cyl (astigmatic error) had increased, making the fine details a bit smear-y looking. Nothing I'd be able to identify without knowing, but enough to drive me batty.

One-hour service at optical express, though? Not so one-hour. Add another 50% on top of me sitting around in there waiting. Also the guy kept trying to tell me that I really should have the pupil distance set to my proper pd (my last optician found out I'd been wearing glasses set 6mm wrong for years and years and never noticed, so left them as they were since it seemed fine) and that it might induce a squint, despite the fact that I'd already told him I was an orthoptist. Um, I think of the two of us, I'm the one who would notice me starting to squint first, mate. Also, I'm exophoric, and the decentration of my lenses will only help with that rather than exacerbating it. I really wanted either to smack him or to say 'There there, dear. Stop worrying the fluff in your brain and accept that I know what I'm talking about.'

And now for something interesting to those in non-optical professions!

I never thought anyone could write perfectly in-voice Psych fic until I read this. And then gobbled up everything else she'd written in the fandom in quick succession.

The Dah-Ling Store-It-Yourself by [livejournal.com profile] nixa_jane. Summary: The bad news is that one of Lassiter's highest profile arrests has just escaped from prison. The worse news is that his best hope of tracking him down is a sleep-deprived Shawn Spencer.

Tags: psych, shawn/lassiter, slash, fic, genre:mystery, a:nixajane

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...[livejournal.com profile] elmathelas linked me to this awesome classic Peanuts cartoon:

Sally wears a patch

I'll change the link to an image later, but right now I'm at the gym and apparently right-click doesn't work here. Weird.
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A quick roundup:

  • Another week has gone by and I still haven't been fired!
  • I made an offer on a flat, which was rejected, then upped my offer slightly which has been accepted, so hopefully I will be moving into a place of my own very soon :)
  • Having only mobile broadband blows.

    Not a lot to talk about, really - trying to make myself write, but failing somewhat at the moment. Hopefully will give myself a kick up the backside this week and really get going. I suspect the problem is because I wrote myself into a boring bit that didn't want to go anywhere, and I'm just reluctant to go back and cut. Fail, self, epic fail.

    On the other hand, assuming I manage to get Paintshop Pro onto my new laptop to finish up the graphics for it I should be uploading a Kirk/Spock fanmix I've been working on this week, so watch this space :)
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    So I was under the impression results were due out on Monday, until I got a text from a friend at about 10:30pm asking me how I'd done. Cue freaking out and trembling all over in a fit of anxiety and 'wtf?!' while I went to find out how I'd done.

    While my individual module marks aren't up, which is rather irritating as I really want to know how my dissertation scored, I'm pretty ecstatic to be able to say that I am now the proud holder of a 2:1 BSc Hons degree in orthoptics(!)

    I was half convinced I'd fail because of tempting fate through having a job lined up and ready to go, so this is a really fantastic result - exactly what I wanted. And considering that this year (70% of my degree) was almost entirely based on essays, my worst type of exam, I'm pretty damn chuffed.

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    Sooooooo, something kinda important happened yesterday *dances around like a loon*

    I went to an interview for an orthoptic job in Milton Keynes and they offered me a permanent position!

    I believe the sound I made after putting down the phone was something like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

    I'm really excited! They were really nice and friendly and the department is really big and spacious and location-wise it's perfect for me - exactly what I wanted!

    Most awesome thing ever!

    Also, this morning I was invited to join Dreamwidth! So now I have an account over there too, and I will be learning how to use it. I'll start crossposting between here and there, but I want to use both, if that makes sense, so that when fandom decides which way it's going to jump I'm already on the boat :)
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    Today I logged onto my email and thought I must have been majorly spammed, because I had so many emails, but it was people wishing me happy birthday! Thank you everyone! I got all the stuff I asked for, which is neat. It was a weird kind of birthday because it didn't feel much like one really due to the fact I had all the normal day stuff to do. But now I am older! And also now I have the second set of Merlin DVDs, so I'm pretty happy all-in-all :D

    My dissertation first draft was handed in last Friday, and already my tutor is getting back to me about it - I'm meeting her tomorrow. Which leaves me with - 10? - days to complete the editing and hand in the final version. Plenty of time! (I hope!)

    Last week my brain threw a tantrum about doing so much concentrating, so I gave in and went off to read the Twilight books, since I've heard bad things about them but wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

    [livejournal.com profile] ionaonie on MSN.">

    I read all four of them last week. The first book was by far the best, and I really quite enjoyed it - Iona was shocked, and I have to say I was surprised after all I'd heard about it, but it hit some of my real fiction kinks, and I liked Meyer's style and use of description. However, for the rest of the series, she suffered from a sophomore slump that continued on a downward slope.

    Similarly to HP7, I enjoyed books two through four for the most part while I was reading them, but once i had finished was a little unsatisfied. In the first book, Edward is more mysterious and we have to guess at his feelings through his behaviour (which is properly masculine), whereas in the later books, and increasingly so, he starts talking about his feelings far too much and too openly. Even girls don't do that.

    The second and third books I still like, but in a general sort of way, with some bits I really thought were good and other parts were kind of meh. But the fourth book, while it had some very good sections, also had large sections where it just read like badfic. There is a loose plot, but mostly it's 'they got married then they had a baby then everything was yay oops need a plot DANGER! yay!' Some individual sections were good, but as a whole it lacked sophistication. It's a shame, because i liked the first one a lot. I've never been a big fan of love triangles, which didn't help; I liked the forbidden romance / they can't touch! edge to the first one. The first book's story has really stuck with me in a big way, my brain is still turning it over and enjoying thinking about it, but the later ones it seems to ignore.

    That's what I've been doing lately - working and having brain tantrums! What about you, flist? What are your opinions on Twilight? What have you been up to?
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    Feeling really down and discouraged after placement today like maybe I am the most incompetent orthoptic student in the history of ever and will never be good enough to practice for real, and that maybe I should just go work as a Field Technician instead because I can do the grunt work okay at least.

    I think the worst thing about is that Nicola - who was the orthoptist tutoring me today - kept pulling me up on things I should have done and asking me questions I should have known the answers to, and isn't even mean - just keeps pointing out all the things I do wrong and don't know, and she's nice when we're not talking orthoptics so clearly it's just that I am dumb.

    After Canterbury I was so energised and felt really good and here I feel like maybe I'm wasting their time. I knew coming in that this is supposed to be a tough placement but I didn't think it would be tough because I was incompetent. I'm actually crying a bit. I never do that.

    I really, really hate feeling this useless and pathetic.
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    I passed everything! Yay!

    Today was summer results day at Uni of Liverpool. My lowest mark was 59 on the hardest module, and my highest - drumroll, ladies, please - was a 90 on Optics. I'm really pleased!

    I averaged the whole thing out while including weighting for different module values, and overall I'm averaging 66%, which is a solid 2:1. This means I have 20 of a possible 30% of my overall degree, which is obviously awesome.

    So basically this all boils down to 'Yay! I passed well! I have no resits!'

    How are you all doing?
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    One exam down, four to go *le sigh*

    It was pretty good, all things considering, but my stomach decided to have a stress attack as soon as I sat down so I felt pretty nasty all through it. Better now that I've had a sit down, eaten some choccy biccies and read some fanfic. To which I must say:

    OMG GO READ THIS NOW. It's an SGA fic by [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge called The Difference Engine, in which John has a robotic brain and Rodney put it there.

    Heck, even if you're not into this fandom, this is a work of genius. Go read it anyway.

    BTW, it totally made me want to watch Ghost in the Shell again, which you should watch, too, if you haven't seen it :)
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    Turns out my placement has wireless internet in the accommodation.

    Obviously, this is TOTALLY AWESOME. But it also means that I have a lot more opportunity for procrastination, when I wanted to be writing The Night Tower and maybe even finishing or being nearly there.

    So, AWESOME. But also GODDAMMIT.

    Now I have to resist temptation! I am not good at resisting temptation!

    Anyways, I will be in contact this week, unexpectedly :)

    How was your day, dear? )
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    Exam results came out today and I've passed everything!

    Stats - 74%
    Neuro-ophthalmology - 71%
    Paediatric Ophthalmology - 67%
    Investigation of Concomitant Strabismus - 40%

    The last one was the nasty essay exam I had to do after spending three days freaking out about Dad getting engaged, and the exactness of getting the pass mark suggests to me that they went looking for marks to give me to let me pass, but I passed so I'm happy! That's two 1sts, a 2:1 and a 3rd.

    One result left to come out, don't know when, will let you know :)
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    I haven't been posting a lot lately (I know I've said that before) so I thought I'd give you a little rundown of my day, that sort of thing. It really consists of two elements:

    a) finishing my goddamn stats assignment that is due in tomorrow
    b) watching Chuck, which is an AWESOME show.

    Chuck is totally my new fandom. I had run out of fic to read, and this should hopefully solve my problem, so voila!

    Mostly it is awesome because Adam Baldwin, the guy who used to play Jayne in Firefly, is in it and is awesome. But also, it has strong, developed female characters! And it's lots of crazy fun! And the main character is a cute geek! And there is lots of crazy fun!

    (You should totally watch it if you're not already.)

    ...that's pretty much all I've done today, anyway. I have one more exam to go (this Wednesday afternoon, Management of Concomitant Strabismus, two hours) and then I'm done. So, tomorrow I hand in this paper and start revising for ORTH 215. Luckily I have already written up all my notes for it so it's just reading and rereading, really (I am SO GLAD I finally got down to revising over Christmas. It has saved my life.)

    Also! The day before the day before yesterday I finally managed to get some more writing done! Only 750 words or so, but during an exam period I'd say that's pretty damn good, yeah?
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    First things first...

    Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
    45,339 / 100,000

    Whee! Only 4,661 words until I can buy myself another book about writing! (I have a lot of fun reading them, even though I write without referencing them. I feel motivated afterwards and like I might have learned something, and I love to discuss writing, so this is almost as good as that!) And also, of course I then lend them to [livejournal.com profile] blondeyetti, so it's like a cycle of goodness ^-^

    (If anyone ever feels like discussing writing, by the way, OHMIGOD PICK ME, PICK ME! because I really, really enjoy it. My project, your project, writing in general...)

    Bulletpoints, because I haven't used them in a while!

  • Anyway, real life stuff! We've been given LOADS of work this week, and I was going to go to the anime club's fangirl sleepover on Saturday, but I don't think I can justify the time to myself TT-TT I really have loads I have to get done, which is sad. (The sleepover is from, like, two o'clock on Saturday afternoon, so it really would eat up too much time, unfortunately.) I have loads of Self-Directed Learning due.

  • Today I downloaded some free novel-planning software off the net, and I have to say that I really like it. I'm not going to use it to actually write my novel, but it's useful to look at structure and things - like tracking where each character is, where scenes are, whether there's enough tension all the way through or if there are low patches, that sort of thing. I plugged in everything I've done so far, anyway, and I'm half in love with it. If anyone's interested, you can find it here, it's called ywriter.

  • I'm getting all wound up more easily at the moment, which I think is probably because of a few different things - more work, plus going to talk to the phD student about Mum stirred that up, and one of my friends' Dad died. (I'd say who it was, but she hasn't said that I could, so.) Plus the Postal Strike is still on here, with no end in sight, and I'm getting PISSED OFF. I ordered my copy of the new Temeraire book from the States so that I could read it as soon as possible, goddammit!

    But basically all my issues are closer to the surface at the moment, so for instance I'm finding it hard to convince myself (again) that the reason I've not met anyone yet, like, ever, is not because there is something fundamentally wrong with me, it's just a case of timing. Sometimes I'm just very aware of being twenty years old and never had a boyfriend, you know? I want somebody to be close to, who will say nice things to me even though he'll tease me like hell too, etc etc. And so on and so forth.

  • I need ten more fics that I love enough to rec on my del.icio.us, because then I will have exactly 1000 fics linked on there, in loads of different fandoms. Can anybody rec me anything to read? Please?

    Okay, that's it for now :D
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    Have really and truly been doing research for my repeat written paper, but taking some time out to catch up on the net as well :D

    I'm home next Wednesday evening, then at the HP con for Thursday-Sunday, then Lighthouse, then away in France for two weeks, though we'll have wireless there. So busy busy busy! I'm thinking 'Pan's Labyrinth watching party', anyone interested?
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    Hello, I'm home from placement for the weekend! And I have INTERNET ACCESS!

    I miss it SO MUCH when I don't have it, I really do. I'm getting all weepy just thinking about it (no, not really.) But, really, tomorrow is going to have to be 'lj catch-up day'. Just thinking about the three daily fandom newsletters I'm going to trawl through for fic I've missed makes me sad - I'm going to have such a backlog :( I already read all the personal posts, though, so that's something.

    Mostly my placement is going really well, but one of the orthoptists has a real talent for not only treating me like a moron but making me feel like a moron. I'll admit that I get questions wrong when she is asking me them - which doesn't help - but it's her attitude that makes it worse. I've been gotten out of my session with her on Monday, at least, by my lovely placement partner <3 <3 <3 (hearts not mice)

    Poor Jasper, he has had his bits chopped off now and has to wear a trumpet on his head to stop him from licking his stitches, because there is no physical way that he would not lick his stitches as soon as he was able to sit up. He keeps bumping into things and also trying to butt me with his head for attention like he normally would but instead hitting me with the trumpet. Ouch!

    La la la that's all I have to say for now!


    Jun. 1st, 2007 07:57 pm
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    My annoyedness at my placement partner Adam has reached critical mass, so now, naturally, I must bitch about it on lj to drain some of the venom :)

    Basically, he's very polite and all, but he treats me like I have the plague or cooties or something. He won't sit with me on the bus, and if we go to lunch together he sits diagonally across from me (ie as far away as possible.) He says as little as possible. We cannot have a conversation, because he blanks me. Every time I offer him something, ie something to do, he brushes me off. He won't even eat breakfast in the same room as me.

    Fine, if you don't like me, whatever. But this - this nothing, that really annoys me. I'd rather people disliked me to my face, frankly. At least that way I can accept it and move on. We're here for three weeks - two gone already - just the two of us, and I would occasionally like someone to hang out with, okay? You never know, we might actually have things in common if you bothered to find out. Or we could at least watch a movie or something. I went to see PotC3 ON MY OWN because he said he'd go but I was pretty sure he wasn't going to get around to it.

    *sigh* I haven't said anything, because I REALLY don't need that kind of hassle. You just know if I do say something he'll not only take it the wrong way but tell everyone else in my class and spin me as a whiny bitch. That'll be great for future placements.

    At least I've got Myv for my next one. And also, today's wordcount: 692 words.
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    Again, me and the constant struggle to actually write again :)

    I figure that now, since I have no 'work' work until September, other than placements, I should make a push over this time to get back to writing. My biggest problem: finishing things! I seem to start a million different good ideas, and all of them stall. So, my attempt at a solution: try and write at least a couple of sentences for a few different things each day. Unless something in particular grabs me, and I just keep writing that one. That's fine too.

    My word count today, at least so far: 1187 words, in three stories. That's pretty okay, actually. I'm happy with that. I just need to keep working, try to get my mojo back.

    Anyone else have any projects going on that they're having trouble with, want to chat about? You all know I LOVE talking about writing, whether or not I'm actually managing to do it at the time.

    In other news: I went to a special clinic this morning, for children with problems so profound or complex that your average visual clinic just can't evaluate them properly. I tagged along with one little girl who has most of her brain damaged or missing, which affects her vision accordingly.

    First thing we did was do VEP, or Visually Evoked Potentials, which basically means we wire her up like The Matrix and measure her brainwaves to see if she can see things.

    Orthoptist: Let me scrub your skin then attach wires to you so that we can read your mind. TOTALLY not stealing your brain electricity, no way, nope, don't be silly!
    Baby: DO NOT WANT.


    Consultant: Let me shine this bright light in your eyes and try to see your brain!
    Baby: DO NOT WANT!

    Seriously, though, it was really interesting. You just don't get that kind of patient in a normal clinic, so it was a useful experience.
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    So this has been A BAD WEEKEND.

    On Friday I fell over and hurt my foot. I then proceeded not to be able to walk on it for the rest of Friday, to only be able to limp very badly on Saturday, and today to have to limp m way through the trains etc to get to Liverpool by myself with my baggage. Then, when I got to Halls, (thank God Myv had come to help me because of the limp), the porter was gone from the Hall I was supposed to be staying in and although, when security checked for me, my name was on the list of people staying, there was no key for me. So I had to go to a different Hall and the porter there was rude, unhelpful, a dickhead, and kept talking to my boobs as I got more and more agitated. So now I'm staying in this Hall for the night and moving (hopefully) into the one I'm supposed to be in tomorrow when I get back from the hospital, around which I will be limping.

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    So I've finished my Case Study on Cystic Fibrosis ready to hand it in tomorrow, the deadline date which so many students have failed to appreciate until this weekend *is a little smug, having started and worked on it for a month or so*

    It's funny the ways you realise that you're actually learning stuff. My Granddad emailed me to - well, chat, I guess - and told me Grandma is having cataracts removed. My reply was something along the lines of 'It's a routine op, and they only remove the lens. It gets stiff with age. The cornea does most of the refraction for the eye anyway.'

    (It's true, by the way, in case you were wondering.)

    BTW - I hate all of you and your damn schedules. Why can't you just be around when I want you to be, like TV?


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