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Today I am very tired because I got back very late from the cinema (went to see Avatar again, but the decent time was all gone when I got there so we went to the late show) and then I'd run out of cough medicine so I kept myself up all night coughing. Fun times.

I know this is the second day in a row I have recced one of her fics, but I'll be honest, I adore [livejournal.com profile] hackthis's writing. She's just such a wonderful storyteller. So: here is a story I absolutely love. She's taken the idea of Superman and Lois Lane's child from Superman Returns, and fused that with the Clark/Lex relationship of Smallville and Clark and Lex's canonical biological child, you heard me right, Kon-El, from the comics, to make an insightful, clever fic that really uses all three sources to advantage, and without using one over the others. You don't have to have read/seen all three to follow this.

The Way I Was Made by [livejournal.com profile] hackthis. Summary: Remarks like that are his inner Luthor coming out.

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Dec. 10th, 2007 08:31 pm
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We were supposed to be going to the pub tonight at 8pm but considering that it's 8:30pm and I haven't even heard anything it's looking less and less likely. Considering I was ambivalent at best about going, and that I am definitely coming down with a cold - started as a feeling in my nose, and now, as usual when I'm sick, I feel freezing if I'm wearing less than a t-shirt, a cardigan AND my dressing gown, I'm sort of glad we appear not to be going. If they decide we're going after all I might cop out anyway. Brr! I always get cold when I'm ill. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow, but at least this time I actually have medicine in.

Only two more days of class, and then one of 'compulsory volunteering' (I KNOW), and then I'm done for the term. Whew.

ETA: They just came to ask if I was ready and I copped out. Apparently they didn't expect me to come anyway, which is good, and they didn't seem hacked off. If I'd been well I'd have gone, but. Urgh. I hate the feeling of a cold coming on. If I'm this cold unless I'm this bundled up, going out in the cold in less bundling would not have been a good plan.
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I've got a sore throat TT-TT

And I'm stuck on The Night Tower again.

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So okay, I went to my test today and I'm oretty sure I did okay anyway, I only had to get 40% and while my brain-mouth connection gets awful when I'm ill my brain is still there thank GOD. So even though I woke up this morning with my head full of yuck and a headache and a sore throat and tired and kinda dizzy and nearly fell over in the shower and now I have stomach cramps as well, I don't have to go in again this week if I don't want to (assuming I'm ill, I mean.)

I watched the last part of 'The Lost Room' which was awesome all the way through, and the third episode of The Dresden Files which still sucks ass but it's something to watch. I really, really, really want my Jim Butcher books now. Maybe I'll bring them back with me from home.

Thank you for kind sympathy of illness etc, it makes me feel better ^-^
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So I'm ill AGAIN. Myv (my friend) actually sent me home at lunchtime. I think it's because, a) I'm already weaker from the other bugs, and b), I never eat the vegetables in Halls because they are DISGUSTING, so I have no vitamins etcetera, so I am ill. Bleurgh. And I have a Summative Test tomorrow that I'm going to have to try to revise for and go to, otherwise I'll have to come back specially in August/September for Resits, even though it would count as a first attempt.

God, I hate being ill. I'm so bad at it. I am not yet so tired that I want to cry, but I might be soon.
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So I seem to post a lot more when I have something to moan about, don't I? Today I've felt vaguely sick all day, like I was going to throw up - I really almost did around breakfast, had to leave and almost threw up. I think I've just swallowed too much of my own guck from this week's cold, which I'm sure is too much information for you lot, sorry! I'd probably feel better if I DID throw up, to tell you the truth, but I'm not going to force it. I spent today reading and lolling around trying not to do too much, which was nice, but the day went far too quickly, as Sunday always does.

You said you'd like to hear more about my everyday life - well, for today, that's above - and also more of my writing, original and fanfic, so I thought I'd haul out a couple of old things I'm not working on at the moment. I'd give you Mourning Tree snippets, but it's sort of my current baby - if if I'm not actually working on it - and I don't want to put it up on the net all exposed right now. Maybe another time.

Burning Bright )

Arcessitor Snippet )
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It's become a COLD. Jesus, body, we only just got over the last thing! What's wrong with you?!?!

Seriously, SEND ME SLASH LINKS NOW. To things I haven't read, preferably, though I know that one's hard! (And also, make it good. Like omelette. Damn I want omelette...)


Jan. 28th, 2007 10:52 pm
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So after finally getting over that bloody stomach bug, Sam has given me her cough. I can feel it startig in the back of my throat, even if I haven't coughed yet. Like soreness and the taste of guk.

Yaaaaay. SO not. I really, really need new slash fic to read now.
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I still feel bad :( I think I have a tummy bug TT-TT

Okay, so SGA: Submersion, this week's episode.

So I was kinda disappointed... )

I also watched, yesterday, the new episode of Heroes (AWESOME, as ever) and two - TWO! Such happiness!) episodes of Supernatural, which rocked, as per usual, and makes me want more RIGHTNOWPLSKTHX.

But for now I'm gonna go watch more Numb3rs and curl up in pjs with my duvet.
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Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel like 'Oh my God, my internal organs are actually DISINTEGRATING INSIDE OF ME.' Because today I feel bad :(
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After watching the magnificent Night Watch, and reading the book, I really, really want to read more fantasy stories that are based in Russia, because I've only read one other fantasy based in Russia and that was awesome, too, and so, y'know, from Russia with love, please. If anybody should have any thoughts on the matter. ([livejournal.com profile] ali_calder, you are my greatest hope, if you ever actually read my lj entries at all.)

Today I am a little bit ill, on and off, so I was going to go out but didn't in the end because I woke up fast asleep this morning and going out would not improve this for tomorrow. Tomorrow being an entire day off, and Thursday morning too because it's not my week for physics practical, so, y'know, cool :D

Also, am rereading the Temeraire sequence by Naomi Novik which you SHOULD ALL READ, LIKE, NOW, OR I WILL BEAT YOU WITH A STICK, because I found out on Sunday that none other than PETER JACKSON just bought the movie rights to all her books! HOW cool? I'm so happy for her, she's also one of my favourite fandom people :)

(In case you're wondering, Temeraire is a set of fantasy novels set in the Napoleonic wars, but with a dragon-based air force! And the writing is just so, so good. So basically, read it. Read it now.)

I am now torn between Night Watch icon and Temeraire icon, but I will use the Temeraire one because if you go to my journal you can see my Night Watch icon as my default on my sidebar :)
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So I am drinking lots of juice and wearing three layers of clothes because I'm cold and my head is stuffed up and Sam ought to die for giving me her stupid American cold cooties, I swear to God.

Otherwise I am happy.

ETA: Looking at Jensen Ackles pictures to cheer myself up, found THIS. adpafkneofncskaaa *brain explodes*
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So I was going to go to the gym today (yesterday woke up feeling kinda bleurgh so didn't then either) but then Dad asked me to do something and I kinda went over the time I wanted to go so now I'm not going today either. Bad Amy!

Dad, since I've mentioned him, is sort of starting dating again now, which is weird but okay. I talked to him about it before he could talk to me about it, even though he'd put up an internet dating ad type thing before I brought it up, which is just further proof that I am in fact psychic and just don't know it. So he's seeing a lady called Gail tomorrow for dinner. Oo-er!

Started watching Season Six of Stargate SG-1; I'm actually enjoying it, which I didn't think I would because of the no-Daniel. I don't hate Jonas even though I thought I would (though I miss Daniel, obviously.) It's not his fault, and they didn't handle it as badly as I thought they might. Also, first two episodes, Rodney is in! Yaaaaay!

Saw the 200th celebratory episode of SG1, which is HILARIOUS. They did it so well - lots of nods to fannish in-jokes and making fun of themselves. There are PUPPETS and WIZARD OF OZ COSTUMES and if you want to see it just ask. I love sharing :) I really want to catch up-to-date now with SG1 so I'm hoping to be moving on quickly through the seasons :) Also considering importing them from the US as they have slim-pack DVDs rather than the UK monstrosities. Depends on the price.

I'm also dling season two of Numb3rs now, thanks Iona for the heads up, it's going to take ages though as I'm doing it all in one lump TT-TT
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...while recovering from the lurgy. I'm mostly better now, just a tiny bit sniffly and with a bit of a cough left over, though that was pretty bad this morning - I think it's calling up the Ghost of Christmas Past, as in the truly awful cough I had last December/January. Hopefully that will continue to calm down and leave now.

So, Things I Have Been Thinking About...

  • Isn't it cool to know that a thousand years ago or more your ancestors lived in the very land you call your home today? I was thinking about this in the States, too, about how everyone there was an immigrant at some point or other, but both sides of my family are at the very least Norman in origin and without much migration. Neat.

  • STARGATE ATLANTIS I LOVE YOU. I. LOVE. YOU. Watched eps four and five and they were ACE. Rodney got shot in the ASS! With an ARROW! And then had MORPHINE-INDUCED RAMBLINGS! Words cannot express how much I love this show. Also, Ronon backstory! And a hint of John backstory! Wicked! Anyone who wants these can have copies of the eps at any time.

  • Numb3rs is a cool show. I bought it in the US and I've already watched ten out of thirteen episodes, all yesterday (though please remember that I am ill and thus had no energy to do anything much else.) I love the brothers (especially Charlie) and it's really interesting seeing how they treat the whole 'amazing mathematician' thing since that's what I'm trying to do with Toby. I may go back to The Mourning Tree and put more maths in it in a subtle sort of way to get that mindset across more. I'll definitely be downloading the second season when it comes out, though. [livejournal.com profile] ionaonie, we can squee together about it over the internet every week after each episode airs, yeah? ^-^

  • It's really interesting to watch TV with a writer's eye and suddenly realise why they do specific things visually. For instance, in Smallville, Clark wears blue and red ALL THE TIME. Those are, of course, Superman' colours. But then, when he's under the influence of red kryptonite, he wears white and black or something else along those lines. It really makes a visual difference. And in Numb3rs, the two guys look alike enough to be brothers but they dress them vey differently and do their hair very differently to show the similarities and differences between them more clearly. It's really interesting.

    Notes for people specifically because I'm too lazy to email you:

    [livejournal.com profile] tarayith, did you watch any of the SGA I lent you? Did you like it?
    [livejournal.com profile] katsideswide, did you watch The 4400? (You never remember to read this, so I don't know why I bother, so I'll probably end up emailing you ^-^)
    [livejournal.com profile] pobbit, if you want to come over some time soonish, you can get your SGA Season Two back and also I'll write episode five of the new season onto a disk for you. We can even use the one I already gave you, it's rewritable.

    Anyone else, just drop me a line if you want to chat, I'm totally free the rest of the summer :) Will soon be putting out details on zoo trip, also!
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    I'M BACK!!!

    I bought a million t-shirts and a million books and four DVD boxsets (Sears is really weirdly cheap, whole seasons for what is the equivalent atm of £20 with the great exchange rate - got Prison Break Season One, The Sentinel Season One, Medium Season One and Numb3rs Season One) and it was fab right up to the point in the queue to check-in for the flight back where I CAUGHT MY DAD'S STUPID AWFUL COLD. It managed to develop from a slightly bunged nose then into a full-on stuffed-up, sore throat, headache horrible cold by the time I got on the plane for the first leg of our trip home, a six-and-a-half hour flight from Chicago to Dublin overnight. And then when we finally got home I tried to take some better medicine and threw up in the sink. I'm a bit better now, thanks to Day Nurse, but it couldn't have bloody waited until we were all the way home so I didn't have to do the whole journey like that, could it. Nooooo...


    Had a great time. The sky is so big in Wisconsin, it's actually kinda scary for somebody who's used to the hills and not those great wide plains with nothing to obscure the view. And Chicago - if ever I go to live in the States, which I might for a couple of years (you can do that as an orthoptist, which is neat) then I'd like to live there. Pretty much everyone is really friendly and helpful, and there aren't as many really dumb annoying people as you think there might be (no offense to any Americans, but we don't get the best impression of you here in Britain any more. Blame George Bush.) I was really glad to get home, anyway. Proper British cars! Proper British trees and spindly old fences! Proper British windy little lanes where not even two Mini's can get past each other but we manage anyway!

    BTW - can anyone give me a synopsis of this whole thing with the terrorists and the planes? This happens every year when I go on holiday, and then I can never find out enough about it to really understand what's going on.

    Also, [livejournal.com profile] pobbit, did you get the CD of SGA I posted you? And does anyone have eps four and five of season three? ETA: Found them with a million seeds, so got them basically dled now :)

    ETA2: Would anyone be interested in an essay I'm thinking of writing about slash, and the things that make us see that in relationships between male characters? I was trying to get to sleep one night in the States and ended up thinking about it as a proposal for the next Slash Study Day, if I end up being able to go. It's going to have a kick-ass title, too, "All But(t) Sex - What Are You Seeing That I'm Not?" (The original was "All But(t) Sex - You're Making This Shit Up, Aren't You?" but I decided it wasn't descriptive enough despite being funny ^-^)
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    I think I'm getting the lurgy, dammit. My throat is sore. And tomorrow is my day off, too.


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