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I'm thinking about going on holiday for four days at the end of March, around my birthday, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in coming with me? I'm considering Paris, especially if I'm going on my own (which is fine, I don't mind that), but if one or two people would like to come with me, it would actually cost about the same to go to Marrakech in Morocco.

I'm happy to organise everything (with your input, of course,) but I'm really excited about going away for a few days (as you might guess I would be from my last post) and figured someone else might be interested, too.
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Last night, after spraying my room liberally with RAID having had a night full of mosquito-fear on Thursday, my sister found a little scorpion sitting outside of my bedroom door. Seriously, this was pretty much how it went down:

Scorpion: Mees Goodwill? Ah 'ave come to KEEL YOU.

My sister can claim otherwise all she likes, BUT SHE WAS FREAKED TOO, OKAY? I ended up going to get the dustpan and brush to escort him out. I totally wore shoes to save my precious toes. (Apparently, the south of France is full of little scorpions, and their sting is no worse than a wasp sting, but I have certain mental associations that I cling to with fervour!)

ANYWAYS, we drove for like NINE HOURS today, with a solid twelve hours from start 'til finish, and I'm in a hotel now to sleep the night before coming back on the Eurotunnel tomorrow morning. And there is free wireless (hurrah!) And also,

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
25,611 / 100,000

YAY! You know what this means... smut!
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
23,457 / 100,000

I think its going alright. I wrote 200 words today, just now, because we were out all day today - I had no time to write. I really needed to make sure I did some, for my own peace of mind. But yeah, this seems to be a sticky patch. I think I need to go somewhere quiet when I have a good few hours and just let rip.

We're going to the coast tomorrow, to see what it's like, and I'm tempted to stay at home and write instead, but I have a feeling I'll miss out on a lot if I do. Damn it. I really just need a quiet day, when I can sit up in the little sun room attached to my room (awesome) and write. I need not to be going places. I need people to be quiet and leave me alone. Which seems to be hard to find at the moment.

It's not really their fault, of course, but I'm thinking about asking them to give me time... because even though I know Dad'll probably take me trying to make rules badly, because he's been really touchy lately, I feel like I need to.

Also, you are all rubbish, go back a couple of days and answer my poll at least!
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Today we went to the market in the little town near the villa, and hada good look around. It was a tourist market, so there was plenty to interest us, rather than it being one of those fish and cheese markets that you think are going to be awesome but then are really awful.

So anyway... loads of stalls, with clothes, jewellery, etc, and though I got this awesome beady watch thing (which I will take a picture of and show you at some point), the most awesome and bizarre thing was this: I found a set of salt and pepper pots THAT ARE HUGGING LITTLE PEOPLE LIKE THE ONES IN MY ICON. (see above!)

I made this icon months ago. And now I own the salt and pepper pots that are almost identical to the ones in the picture. How weird?!?! I had to buy them. They are not to be used, but instead displayed on a shelf in some manner, because they are cute and awesome. Unfortunately, they do not speak in hearts, which makes me a little sad.

Also, my del.icio.us account has just hit 816 recs. As you all no doubt know, 816 is the mystical number of showing off and pimping your stuff. Hence this post of mine highlighting my del.icio.us. (Double linked for double fun! And pimpage!) Do you still use it? Is it helpful? Does my taste suck? Do you have anything you think I should definitely read?

In other news, which I'm not sure if I can disclose because the person involved hasn't said if I can (which may be because I haven't asked them), a friend of mine just got engaged! So yay! Congrats to my so-far-anonymous friend!
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In France! And the house and weather are beautiful! I have my own room and there's a little sun room between my room and Lucy's to read in! Lovely *purrs*

We took the motorail down from Calais to a town about three hours away from where we're staying overnight. NOT good for sleeping, but I slept a little at least. And now we have french bread and cheese and also wireless internet access, hurrah!

This is a very short post despite the fact that a lot has happened... oh well, you're used to it by now anyways.

Okay go!

Jul. 29th, 2007 11:33 am
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Today we're driving off to the (hopefully) sunny south of France for two weeks. TECHNICALLY we're going to have wireless internet at the place we're going to. Realistically I just don't know how good it's going to be until I get there. So be prepared not to hear from me for a couple of weeks, though you probably will :)

My aim for the two weeks: write a load more of The Night Tower and get back into the swing of writing for the summer. My current wordcount, so I have something to compare it to when I get back:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
18,381 / 100,000

(Damn I love this wordcount widget, it makes me happy to see it ^-^)

Also, look at the spiffy new icon I made for The Night Tower-related posts! I love making specific icons, I'm such a geek XD (I will admit though, most of the image was already there when I made this... I just did a lot of colouring work on it. And the text is mine. But it still looks AWESOME. I'm modest too, you know.)

BTW - if anyone wants me to make them icons, of anything, I'm always up for it. Actor related, pairing related, your own writing related, just let me know. I love doing graphics work, I just need more ideas of what to do.

(Come to think of it, I posted a load more wallpapers in my scrapbook today. Remind me to link them here.)

This entry has a lot of things in it but is not very long. Perhaps that sums up my whole livejournal, actually... I feel like I say a lot but don't write very much. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Ooh, also, Susan ([livejournal.com profile] blondeyetti) made me fanart! Click on the thumbnail to see!

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I bought a million t-shirts and a million books and four DVD boxsets (Sears is really weirdly cheap, whole seasons for what is the equivalent atm of £20 with the great exchange rate - got Prison Break Season One, The Sentinel Season One, Medium Season One and Numb3rs Season One) and it was fab right up to the point in the queue to check-in for the flight back where I CAUGHT MY DAD'S STUPID AWFUL COLD. It managed to develop from a slightly bunged nose then into a full-on stuffed-up, sore throat, headache horrible cold by the time I got on the plane for the first leg of our trip home, a six-and-a-half hour flight from Chicago to Dublin overnight. And then when we finally got home I tried to take some better medicine and threw up in the sink. I'm a bit better now, thanks to Day Nurse, but it couldn't have bloody waited until we were all the way home so I didn't have to do the whole journey like that, could it. Nooooo...


Had a great time. The sky is so big in Wisconsin, it's actually kinda scary for somebody who's used to the hills and not those great wide plains with nothing to obscure the view. And Chicago - if ever I go to live in the States, which I might for a couple of years (you can do that as an orthoptist, which is neat) then I'd like to live there. Pretty much everyone is really friendly and helpful, and there aren't as many really dumb annoying people as you think there might be (no offense to any Americans, but we don't get the best impression of you here in Britain any more. Blame George Bush.) I was really glad to get home, anyway. Proper British cars! Proper British trees and spindly old fences! Proper British windy little lanes where not even two Mini's can get past each other but we manage anyway!

BTW - can anyone give me a synopsis of this whole thing with the terrorists and the planes? This happens every year when I go on holiday, and then I can never find out enough about it to really understand what's going on.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] pobbit, did you get the CD of SGA I posted you? And does anyone have eps four and five of season three? ETA: Found them with a million seeds, so got them basically dled now :)

ETA2: Would anyone be interested in an essay I'm thinking of writing about slash, and the things that make us see that in relationships between male characters? I was trying to get to sleep one night in the States and ended up thinking about it as a proposal for the next Slash Study Day, if I end up being able to go. It's going to have a kick-ass title, too, "All But(t) Sex - What Are You Seeing That I'm Not?" (The original was "All But(t) Sex - You're Making This Shit Up, Aren't You?" but I decided it wasn't descriptive enough despite being funny ^-^)

Going Away

Jul. 30th, 2006 09:45 am
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I'm going to Chicago tomorrow for two weeks so that's where I am and you won't hear from me again until then unless Lucy manages to finagle her way into an internet cafe to email her boyfriend :) It's going to be so much fun and greatness ^-^ Books and DVDs! BOOKS AND DVDS!

(Yeah, I'm so just going for the shopping. And the drive-in cinema.)
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Okay, first a notice: I'm going to be away from the 9th to the 17th of February because I'm going to Gambia. So just because there are no posts does not mean I have finally succumbed to the evil demon that has been trying to possess me for the last two years, simply that I'm in Africa. (Some of you may say, what's the difference? I say, wuhuh?)

Not much goin' on... finished reading two books today, one was Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and the other was Ill Wind, a book about a lady who can control the weather and cool stuff like that, very modern fantasy coolness. Planning to definitely get more of that series. Had an English tute this morning, my essay got trashed, but now I know what I did wrong so everything is a-okay. Hopefully. Maybe. Um, yeah...


Jan. 13th, 2006 12:13 pm
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Today I had two injections, one in each arm TT-TT They don't hurt (yet) but apparently the one for typhoid makes your arm ache, so I'm waiting...

Should do some writing, why haven't I written anything for new plot yet? *whacks self on head*

La la la... this is the end of this post (for now, I may edit it later if I think of more to tell you all about even though it's probably not important, ha ha)
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My Dad went to the doctor about his stress and basically Doctor Taor said that he's got depression. No wonder, what with Mum and Lucy's ME and everything, so he's been given some anti-depressants and told to get away on holiday for a short break. We can't go until I'm done with exams, and we want to avoid term-time in the hopes that Lucy can go, so on the 9th February or so we're going to The Gambia on holiday for a week!

Dad: We have to have typhoid, yellow fever and polio.
Me: Can't I just have the jabs instead?

Also, a couple of days ago at 6:30am my Amaryllis plantbaby committed suicide. It overbalanced or something and fell off my dresser to its doom, knocking off its flowers and bending all its leaves and stalks. I am very sad because I loved my plantbaby a lot. I want a new one :(


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