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I'm coming up to the end of the current part of Everyday Love in Stockholm and I'm trying to decide if the name for the next part is terrible or not. Like most things it just popped into my head and won't leave.

Opinions? Here are the current part names with the new one at the bottom. Behind cut for minor spoiler.

Naming parts is haaaaard )

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Title: This is a gift (it comes with a price)

Fandom: Let the Right One In (movieverse)

Pairing: Eli/Oskar

Word Count: 461

Rating: PG - dark themes, but nonexplicit

Warnings: None

Author's Notes: Let the Right One In is such a haunting and beautiful film, with a really... eerie romance at the heart of it, despite terrible things happening around the two children it concerns, if you can call Eli a child. I'm so glad [livejournal.com profile] inmemorybound introduced me to it! Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] letherightonein.

She let him grow until he was seventeen. )
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Had a great day at the Merlin Meet in London yesterday, as ever, and today thought maybe I ought to actually give out links to some of the fics I mentioned to people instead of just dangling them in front of people and taunting them :D

From a World More Full of Weeping by [livejournal.com profile] azarsuerte. Turns out I have two fics a bit like this - Susan Pevensie meets The Doctor. Summary: Two people meet who have nothing in common…except a world of loss.

Threads That Are Golden Don't Break Easily by Lady Paperclip. Summary: Susan meets Captain Harkness at various points in her life.

Off My Lawn! by Barrowjane. Kirk and Spock being grumpy old men! Extract: "Jim, I do not see the point of this," Spock said, turning the cane Jim had given him over in his hands. "Neither you or I require assistance in walking."

Intreat Me Not To Leave Thee by C.M. Decarnin. A long, beautiful D/s fic, sadly unfinished, but worth reading anyway - the endpoint is still somewhat satisfying, so not a total cliffhanger. Summary: Kirk gets an ultimatum.
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...so, I thought about why I was stuck on the fic I was trying to write, and then I tried to write some more, and was stuck some more. So I did some more thinking.

Whenever I write fic, I've always been better at writing something that tries to convey a mood, a feeling, than at seriously plotty stuff. There's plot in there, but the plot is there as a catalyst to carry the mood over to the reader. That's what I'm good at, fic-wise. And the fic I was trying to write wasn't like that at all. I love love LOVE the premise, and I'm going to keep trying, but maybe it needs more gestation time first.

So now I'm writing something completely different! And I need your help!

Here is my question: what are your favourite poems? Why do you like them? Can you quote me some/all of it?

It would be really helpful! Thank you in advance :)
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A quick roundup:

  • Another week has gone by and I still haven't been fired!
  • I made an offer on a flat, which was rejected, then upped my offer slightly which has been accepted, so hopefully I will be moving into a place of my own very soon :)
  • Having only mobile broadband blows.

    Not a lot to talk about, really - trying to make myself write, but failing somewhat at the moment. Hopefully will give myself a kick up the backside this week and really get going. I suspect the problem is because I wrote myself into a boring bit that didn't want to go anywhere, and I'm just reluctant to go back and cut. Fail, self, epic fail.

    On the other hand, assuming I manage to get Paintshop Pro onto my new laptop to finish up the graphics for it I should be uploading a Kirk/Spock fanmix I've been working on this week, so watch this space :)
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    Title: Asymptote

    Fandom: STXI

    Pairing: Kirk/Spock

    Word Count: 5974

    Rating: R / NC-17, for language and sex

    Warnings: None

    Author's Notes: I hadn't written anything in months when I started this, and haven't written fanfic in years. But somehow Star Trek has got me going again - which I'm totally loving, because I really missed writing! Thanks to everyone who's left such lovely comments on the original meme thread (here). Feedback is love! Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] kirkspock.

    ETA: You can now also find this fic at the Archive of Our Own and at the automated Kirk/Spock archive, once it's been approved, thanks to kind prompting from [livejournal.com profile] awarrington.

    Summary: Prompt from [livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink: Prompt: K/S. So, this idea kind of hit me out of nowhere. Pretty much following the tradition of aliens-made-them-do-it [only kind of inverted], in which Kirk and Spock end up at a planet where they are not allowed to touch each other [due to religious issues, politeness protocol, whatever].

    This makes Spock realize how many times a day, Kirk had been touching him, [his shoulder, pat at the back, random hugs, etc] and how much he had been enjoying those touches. In fact, Spock is a bit annoyed [angry!] that he's been deprived his daily ration of Kirk-touch. And when he tries to sneak in a touch, however subtle, the aliens get in the way. [Damn aliens!] This pretty much pushes his control to the limit.

    Then when the whole ordeal is over, Spock jumps Kirk in the conference room as soon as the briefing on the away mission is over because he cannot wait! \o/

    Bonus: Kirk and Spock aren't together yet, so first time.

    Double bonus: Kirk has no clue what the hell going on with Spock until the jumping happens.

    Anticipation was not an emotion Spock had intended to allow himself to feel. )
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    I'm the first to admit that I'm not very plugged in to the discussions side of fandom. I'm a lurker by nature and always have been - I came for the fic, and stayed. So when big wanks blow up, I'm usually the last to know, and have to dig around to find out what's been going on.

    I like to understand what people are arguing about, and to hear both sides, then make up my own mind about where I fall and what I want to do about it. I did this with the whole Racefail '09 fiasco - read what people said, considered it, and decided to integrate it into my own personal behaviour so that I could be a better person. Not that I'm saying I was particularly racist before - but I grew up in an almost exclusively white area, am middle class and white, and have very little experience of non-white issues. I try to be fair to everyone and treat everyone the same. I want to be the kind of person who does good things for everyone around her, not bad things - I want to leave the world better off when I die, not screw it up more. This includes upsetting people.

    So why, when it upsets abuse victims and can trigger horrible mental backlashes, do people talk about warning for triggery topics in fic as though it's a terrible imposition? I'm sorry, I just don't get it. It reads to me as though you're telling the abuse victims it's their own fault, so they should STFU and get out of fandom if they're going to be so whiny about it.

    Um, no. That's not how MY fandom works. In fact, that's not how MY LIFE works. I would have thought it wouldn't be the way you wanted your life to work, either.

    So. Here is my personal policy on warnings. I'm only just creeping back into writing fanfic again after several years, and who knows - I may end up backing off again into the dark and re-lurking. But I'm not willing to not touch on this issue.

    I will always warn for rape/non-con, dubcon, child OR ADULT abuse (sexual/emotional/physical), character death or kinks that may be triggery such as BDSM.

    To the best of my ability, the fics I link to on my delicious, which I consider to be a recs page, will always carry warning tags for these issues. If I slip up and forget one, I apologise, and a request for me to tag a fic correctly will always be listened to.

    If, like me, you had no background information to this at all, I started here, at queenofhell's journal, and branched out. This post by [livejournal.com profile] impertinence is a candid and straightforward explanation of what triggers are and how they work. Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.
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    ...somehow, despite the fact that in general I super-despise mpreg, I am writing one anyway. Why, kink meme, why?

    My other fic - less embarrassing in many ways - is still ongoing and I'm actually pretty pleased with it. The fact that I'm writing again at all, actually, I'm really pleased about. Clearly the kink meme has given me back my mojo.
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    If anyone is interested, I'm in the process of writing/posting a Star Trek XI fic for the kink meme over at [livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink. Here's the prompt (it's loooong but awesome!):


    So, this idea kind of hit me out of nowhere. Pretty much following the tradition of aliens-made-them-do-it [only kind of inverted], in which Kirk and Spock end up at a planet where they are not allowed to touch each other [due to religious issues, politeness protocol, whatever].

    This makes Spock realize how many times a day, Kirk had been touching him, [his shoulder, pat at the back, random hugs, etc] and how much he had been enjoying those touches. In fact, Spock is a bit annoyed [angry!] that he's been deprived his daily ration of Kirk-touch. And when he tries to sneak in a touch, however subtle, the aliens get in the way. [Damn aliens!] This pretty much pushes his control to the limit.

    Then when the whole ordeal is over, Spock jumps Kirk in the conference room as soon as the briefing on the away mission is over because he cannot wait! \o/

    Bonus: Kirk and Spock aren't together yet, so first time.
    Double bonus: Kirk has no clue what the hell going on with Spock until the jumping happens.

    You can find the fic here: Asymptote.

    It's not finished yet, but I'm posting a bit a day, so fairly regular updates :)
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    One exam down, four to go *le sigh*

    It was pretty good, all things considering, but my stomach decided to have a stress attack as soon as I sat down so I felt pretty nasty all through it. Better now that I've had a sit down, eaten some choccy biccies and read some fanfic. To which I must say:

    OMG GO READ THIS NOW. It's an SGA fic by [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge called The Difference Engine, in which John has a robotic brain and Rodney put it there.

    Heck, even if you're not into this fandom, this is a work of genius. Go read it anyway.

    BTW, it totally made me want to watch Ghost in the Shell again, which you should watch, too, if you haven't seen it :)
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    Since this file was titled 'Patient Form 3', I'm going to assume this is from when I was doing my stupid temp job at the hospital and saving things so people wouldn't immediately see what they were. But I digress!

    This fic has, therefore, been sitting on my harddrive for at least two years. It's time to get rid! Never mind that I had completely forgotten it existed!

    No title, but it was going to be Mckay/Sheppard, or possibly Mckay/Sheppard unrequited, who knows? )
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    Having fallen head-first into Die Hard fandom (well, who wouldn't after watching the fourth film? It's the only one I've seen, but I now have all four on DVD and will be watching them this week), I'm almost already through every McClane/Farrell fic easily findable, goddammit.

    However! A tidbit of good news, once I got off my ass and hit Google to appease my curiosity and hope: it seems they will likely be doing Die Hard 5 after all, and with Justin Long still in it!

    (Obviously, if you're interested, if you go check out my del.icio.us which is linked on my lj page, there are now plenty of fic recs there and waiting. 'm just sayin'.)

    Totally. Awesome. More McClane/Farrell moments, please!
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    I want to recommend to you a fanfic that you absolutely have to read. In fact, it's almost not a fanfic, it's such an immersive AU, so even if you don't know the fandom, you can read it and understand exactly what is going on.

    The Eighth Day by Brooke Henson.

    Jim Ellison is a deaf-blind man in a sighted-hearing world, trying to make sense of things and be as independent as he possibly can. But it's not easy - he's very lucky, really, all things considered. Enter Blair Sandburg, a seeing-hearing man who seems to genuinely care about Jim and wants to get to know him. The slow, gradual development of a relationship between them changes Jim's ordered, organised life in ways he would never have believed he could.

    Brooke Henson's prose is lyrical and beautiful, fully immersive until I was even thinking in deaf-blind terms as I went to the kitchen for a brief break, poetic and perfect. I fell in love with this fic almost from the get-go, and I desperately want you to, too. I sat and read it for four hours until I reached the (current) end. It's not finished, and hasn't been updated in six months or so - but please, please, please don't let that stop you from reading it. It's too wonderful to miss out on.

    The first paragraph:

    Jim stood out of the way of people passing, with his hand on the collection of wood strips that made the doorframe. Lori was late. She often made him feel time slow down and press like a flat hand on his sternum. Impatience. Steven had explained many times that, for people with sight and hearing, there were lots of distractions, so much to look at and listen to. So many paths to walk down. Choices. This made them lose their direction and forget their promises. Jim understood distractions; often he felt his mind lift up on air-rushes full of smells or slide down into the texture of cloth or… or… or…But he fought these pushes and pulls. It was terrible to lose your direction, your knowledge of place and position. Lori, when she came, would be blithe and happy, late or not it didn‘t matter, bringing with her the smells of outside in her hair and winter-cold rising up from her coat. Her apologies always seemed like game-words to Jim. Riddle-words that did not match her posture or movement.
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    Even if you're not an SGA fan, you should go read this. It's beautiful, moving, and I cannot pimp it enough.

    Male Enchancement (The Soul and the Company Store Remix)
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    1000 recs on my del.icio.us!
    1000 recs on my del.icio.us!

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    First things first...

    Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
    45,339 / 100,000

    Whee! Only 4,661 words until I can buy myself another book about writing! (I have a lot of fun reading them, even though I write without referencing them. I feel motivated afterwards and like I might have learned something, and I love to discuss writing, so this is almost as good as that!) And also, of course I then lend them to [livejournal.com profile] blondeyetti, so it's like a cycle of goodness ^-^

    (If anyone ever feels like discussing writing, by the way, OHMIGOD PICK ME, PICK ME! because I really, really enjoy it. My project, your project, writing in general...)

    Bulletpoints, because I haven't used them in a while!

  • Anyway, real life stuff! We've been given LOADS of work this week, and I was going to go to the anime club's fangirl sleepover on Saturday, but I don't think I can justify the time to myself TT-TT I really have loads I have to get done, which is sad. (The sleepover is from, like, two o'clock on Saturday afternoon, so it really would eat up too much time, unfortunately.) I have loads of Self-Directed Learning due.

  • Today I downloaded some free novel-planning software off the net, and I have to say that I really like it. I'm not going to use it to actually write my novel, but it's useful to look at structure and things - like tracking where each character is, where scenes are, whether there's enough tension all the way through or if there are low patches, that sort of thing. I plugged in everything I've done so far, anyway, and I'm half in love with it. If anyone's interested, you can find it here, it's called ywriter.

  • I'm getting all wound up more easily at the moment, which I think is probably because of a few different things - more work, plus going to talk to the phD student about Mum stirred that up, and one of my friends' Dad died. (I'd say who it was, but she hasn't said that I could, so.) Plus the Postal Strike is still on here, with no end in sight, and I'm getting PISSED OFF. I ordered my copy of the new Temeraire book from the States so that I could read it as soon as possible, goddammit!

    But basically all my issues are closer to the surface at the moment, so for instance I'm finding it hard to convince myself (again) that the reason I've not met anyone yet, like, ever, is not because there is something fundamentally wrong with me, it's just a case of timing. Sometimes I'm just very aware of being twenty years old and never had a boyfriend, you know? I want somebody to be close to, who will say nice things to me even though he'll tease me like hell too, etc etc. And so on and so forth.

  • I need ten more fics that I love enough to rec on my del.icio.us, because then I will have exactly 1000 fics linked on there, in loads of different fandoms. Can anybody rec me anything to read? Please?

    Okay, that's it for now :D
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    I was just poking around at grey/blue to see if there was anything about Midnight Blue updating The Mirror of Maybe, when I came across this short biography:

    Midnight Blue lives in Brisbane, Australia, and is an accomplished artist, and the author of some of the best fan-fiction ever written.

    Now excuse me, but isn't that something you don't actually write about yourself, on a website you own, that's hosting said fanfic? I'm not exactly one to talk about modesty, but really, her and her ego need to get a room.
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    I hate how, sometimes, you love a book or a fanfic or a movie so much, but you can never ever read it or watch it for the first time again. You can never experience that again.

    I love this fic so much. But it doesn't work the same when you read it again. And that makes me really sad. Because it is so. Beautiful. And you don't have to be a fan of The Sentinel to read this, really, just read it because it's perfect. Seriously. This is one of my top recs for the history of ever.

    An Empty Sky by [livejournal.com profile] mz_bstone.

    Even if you never read anything I rec ever again.

    HP And Me

    Jul. 22nd, 2007 09:55 pm
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    So I had a fantastic time at the convention. I can't believe it's over already (and tomorrow is crapload-of-screaming-kids-day, which I love and fear in almost equal measure. Though my favourite part is getting to pick which kids I want. It's like going to the pet shop, but you get to give them back at the end of the week.) [livejournal.com profile] ionaonie and me had so much fun. The discussions were great - Steve Vander Ark was there! The Lexicon guy! And he is SO funny. I made new friends! And now I really want to get properly back into Harry Potter fandom.

    It's been a while. I tend to drift in and out of certain fandoms, coming and going, returning and leaving... I want to return to HP now. (I'm also writing smut for Asha (from fictionalley), because she demanded it after I insulted Lavender Brown by saying she's kind of a hooker. Which I maintain is true, but I am writing Remus/Tonks/Sirius as penance.) I'm also planning on starting to read fic again - any recs, people? What are your favourite fics? I'd love to know.

    I totally have to read some ASS fanfic. It sounds hilarious. Those of you who don't know - don't ask XD And I seriously need to make new HP icons, I want a new one.

    I just added an HP daily newsletter to my flist, too, which will add to the difficulty in keeping up with my daily fandoms, naturally, but hopefully also make it much easier to find new fic to read.

    Seriously though, comment or email me or something, yeah? I want to hear about your reactions to HP7, about your crazy experiences since we last talked, about what you're writing and reading and into right now, because we haven't done it in ages. The beratings will continue until morale improves!


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