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I passed everything! Yay!

Today was summer results day at Uni of Liverpool. My lowest mark was 59 on the hardest module, and my highest - drumroll, ladies, please - was a 90 on Optics. I'm really pleased!

I averaged the whole thing out while including weighting for different module values, and overall I'm averaging 66%, which is a solid 2:1. This means I have 20 of a possible 30% of my overall degree, which is obviously awesome.

So basically this all boils down to 'Yay! I passed well! I have no resits!'

How are you all doing?
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One exam down, four to go *le sigh*

It was pretty good, all things considering, but my stomach decided to have a stress attack as soon as I sat down so I felt pretty nasty all through it. Better now that I've had a sit down, eaten some choccy biccies and read some fanfic. To which I must say:

OMG GO READ THIS NOW. It's an SGA fic by [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge called The Difference Engine, in which John has a robotic brain and Rodney put it there.

Heck, even if you're not into this fandom, this is a work of genius. Go read it anyway.

BTW, it totally made me want to watch Ghost in the Shell again, which you should watch, too, if you haven't seen it :)
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Exam results came out today and I've passed everything!

Stats - 74%
Neuro-ophthalmology - 71%
Paediatric Ophthalmology - 67%
Investigation of Concomitant Strabismus - 40%

The last one was the nasty essay exam I had to do after spending three days freaking out about Dad getting engaged, and the exactness of getting the pass mark suggests to me that they went looking for marks to give me to let me pass, but I passed so I'm happy! That's two 1sts, a 2:1 and a 3rd.

One result left to come out, don't know when, will let you know :)
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I haven't been posting a lot lately (I know I've said that before) so I thought I'd give you a little rundown of my day, that sort of thing. It really consists of two elements:

a) finishing my goddamn stats assignment that is due in tomorrow
b) watching Chuck, which is an AWESOME show.

Chuck is totally my new fandom. I had run out of fic to read, and this should hopefully solve my problem, so voila!

Mostly it is awesome because Adam Baldwin, the guy who used to play Jayne in Firefly, is in it and is awesome. But also, it has strong, developed female characters! And it's lots of crazy fun! And the main character is a cute geek! And there is lots of crazy fun!

(You should totally watch it if you're not already.)

...that's pretty much all I've done today, anyway. I have one more exam to go (this Wednesday afternoon, Management of Concomitant Strabismus, two hours) and then I'm done. So, tomorrow I hand in this paper and start revising for ORTH 215. Luckily I have already written up all my notes for it so it's just reading and rereading, really (I am SO GLAD I finally got down to revising over Christmas. It has saved my life.)

Also! The day before the day before yesterday I finally managed to get some more writing done! Only 750 words or so, but during an exam period I'd say that's pretty damn good, yeah?
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Today is a not-much-doing day, because I only have one exam left and it's English and I felt like it. Discovered some actually-quite-good old Sentinel fic I'd been writing and added a little bit to that before having a little attack of 'did I just crap this up?' and then going for my dinner. Anyway, word count time! (This story should probably go on my writing journal, but until anyone asks me to do it I can't be bothered, so...)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,523 / 50,000

My exams were fine, BTW. The Bio4 module had a couple of questions where I was like, 'whuhuh?' (say that out loud and you'll get the idea of the noise) but it was basically fine and should have turned out okay. The English went quite well too, with reasonable questions, though I've had better. Fingers crossed!
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*Wavey wavey wavey*

Hey people ^-^ Not much to report today. Did what felt like a bazillion hours of work (was actually about two and a half hours, but that's more than I have been because I am either a genius or an idiot) and hopefully will be okay for exams tomorrow. I have two, back to back - English Lit and Biology. Biology should be fine, I have a memory like a vacuum cleaner. English should be alright, too. It all depends on the questions and on my filing system not going down (aka my brain.)

Will do more writing tonight once I've had my run around the net, after which I will post a word count. I haven't done any in a few days, so some is due, ne?

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,325 / 50,000

EDIT: Well, crap. I just found out I can't go to AmeCon this year - I thought my holiday was some other time but I'm away that whole weekend. Bollocks. I've sent them an email requesting a cancellation. >-< *rarr*
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,294 / 50,000

Today I went to see my new (short-term) English tutor, Elaine, who is fantastic. She really went through the essay she'd got me to prepare for her and kicked my ass because it sucked, and then told me why it sucked, which is more to the point. I think I'll really get somewhere with her. My problem has always been that I'd ace an oral exam but don't write enough down in the written. I need to get better at that.

Last night I lost about 200 words of my story to bad saving. ARGH! Managed to reconstruct it from Super-Memory, but it's never quite the same. At least I can't remember if it was better before.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,576 / 50,000

Could everybody please keep the 25th/26th of March open for a possible party? My Dad and Lucy may go to visit my grandparents that weekend, which means I can host a sleepover. Yay! Sweets and sci-fi, lovely.

Today I had a maths lesson and then spent the rest of the day in a wasteful stupor. Shoulda done some more revising, probably, but am useless lump so didn't. Woe is me. Instead listened to music, sat around staring at wall, and watched last episode of Season One of The 4400. (It's only a five-part mini-series, the first season.) But this evening (see wordmeter) I have written about 1000 words more, so yay for writing! This part is being hard to get through, because I have to get Toby to hang out with John, which is hard because he's not a very social person, but there you go, John will just have to try harder, won't he?

EDIT: Fuckit fuckit fuckit, it's Finn and Eli all over again like CLONES and why can't I write a different sort of character? When did Toby get so bitchy and sharp? He's supposed to be polite and not good at people, not, well, Finn. And when I try to edit it it doesn't work any more. WHY AM I A ONE-TRICK PONY? GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
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Thanks to Kat and Emma who informed me that the 'square things' for Biology are quadrats. V.important and useful etc ^-^

Damn, my exam is tomorrow (Bio3)

I just want to run away and hide in a DVD/book-cave...
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Last night I went to see Ian McKellen as Widow Twanky in Aladdin. Fantastically funny, really rude, and by God he has amazing legs! What the hell does he need them for? They look twenty-year-old woman legs, they're so nice! Nearly died of laughter. So good. If he does it again next year, do go and see it, I beg you.

They also made a joke about having Rob Lowe as the Emperor instead of the guy they got. All the women in the audience who knew who he is went 'God, please!' I mean, we were in the third row! Think of the great view we'd have got... (this is Rob Lowe, he's from The West Wing:)

My UCAS application is all done-and-dusted, thank GOD.

So today I:

  • Watched the last three episodes of X-Files Season One
  • Watched two episodes of The 4400, which is fantastic, btw, but only a five-episode mini series
  • Cleaned out my guinea pigs
  • Checked Garcia for fleas (we've given him medication from the vet) - they seem to be gone, hurrah!
  • Re-organised my DVD shelf
  • Did a Biology Unit 3 paper, only to find I can't remember the name of those square things you throw to take samples for pyramids of numbers... someone, please help me out!
  • Called my biology tutor, because he didn't come on Thursday and hasn't called (worrying)
  • Had a migraine, took some pills, lay down, got up again and was okay.

    BTW, what would people like to do for my birthday party? I'm thinking DVD-fest, as it's easiest, and maybe I can persuade my Dad and sister to go out for the evening or summat. You all have to come back and see me or I will be sad TT-TT
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