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I have started and deleted and started and deleted this post about five times now so I figure I'll just wing it and see. Nothing terrible, don't worry!

I'm looking for somebody to help me with my novel project. I sat down this week to reread what I've done so far- gain some perspective, see where I've been and work out what needs doing- but the more I read the more certain I've become that I need somebody to sit down with it, read it and give me an honest critique of the damn thing, discuss the problems I see with it and help me think through what to do about them.

Some of you guys ([livejournal.com profile] ionaonie in particular) have already read it and told me a few things, but I really feel the need for an in-depth breakdown of it, and that's why I thought I'd ask and see if anybody would be willing to help me out.

It's about 45k words at the moment, fantasy novel with a romantic theme, and it's got dragonbirds and tree cities and fighting off wyverns and almost-but-not-quite-kissing and pretty ladies who are also dragonbird riders and men with big swords and guns (heh) and lizard people in it! WHO WOULDN'T WANT THAT IN THEIR LIFE, RIGHT? RIGHT? (oh god please be interested other human beings!

Anybody up for a try? I'll owe you a big favour of your choosing (not a turn of phrase, like I will actually help you out with something in return.)

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Under the strict (and scary!) orders of [livejournal.com profile] leviathans_moon, I did some actual for-reals writing tonight.

I know, I'm stocking up for the apocalypse too.

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35984 / 100000


Still going! I'm trying to up my daily wordcount at the moment, get my brain trained for production, but time always vanishes when I'm concentrating on writing - I look up and it's been over an hour and a half and I've written maybe a thousand words, max. I don't know if this is normal, but I think the problem is that I was much more prolific back in high school and so I can't help but compare my current writing speed to my old one, even though I probably spend more time thinking about what I'm doing these days and thus produce better quality work (I hope.)

As an update to my previous whine about this, Curie is still not 100% sure about Bren, but she seems to have sort of decided she likes him. Naturally, things are about to go tits up, but that's when it gets really interesting :D

And just to satisfy my own ego, have an extract!

Random extract for yooooooou )
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I guess maybe it'll work out in the wash? I hope?

26557 / 100000
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19226 / 100000

It's been slow going for a few days - not sure why, think I probably shouldn't have given myself a night off when I did. Nonetheless, I seem to still be going and I've written a good amount tonight, so I'll take it as a win!


This fic made me laugh so hard my internal organs hurt. It's completely and utterly ridiculously funny crack - and yet, somehow, still seems in-character? If you would like to read about how Cobb is a registered nurse, Arthur has always secretly wanted to be Robin the Boy Wonder and Yusuf can move things with his mind, read on!

The Adventures of Yusuf, Best Superhero Ever by [livejournal.com profile] jibrailis. Extract: Yusuf had not expected the process that would start with him being bitten by a cat and end up with him becoming a superhero, but to be fair, he hadn't expected Casual Friday either.

Tags: inception, yusuf, arthur, gen, fic, cliche:superpowers, a:jibrailis

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Hi to all my lovely new friends I made today on [livejournal.com profile] lemniciate's friend-rec'ing-meme-thing! *waves at you all*

Something cool I found today: Edit Minion is an internet tool that scans your prose for weak words, funny word placements, cliches etc and points them out to you so you can decide whether to change things or not. Obviously real editing is still down to you, but I quite like it, and plan to use it to strengthen my writing in future. Speaking of...

17021 / 100000

I have a terrible feeling this story is going to be a lot longer than I intended it to be, seeing as I'm, like, a fifth of the way into my proposed wordcount and they haven't even gone on the lam yet. This would not be a problem except that I kind of want to see about getting this published someday and first time novelists find it very difficult to sell what I understand the industry calls 'chihuahua killers.'

(So named because if you hold it out at shoulder height and drop it, it would kill a chihuahua stone dead. Trufax. I am not even making this up, yo.)

However, Pachua is fast becoming the best character, despite being the only one who can't talk. Why so awesome, giant bird-lizard?
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As part of the campaign I am inflicting on myself to develop better writing discipline, I decided to instill some new writing habits into myself to try and reprogram my brain into settling down to writing when I tell it to.

It actually seems to be working, too, and no-one is more surprised than me!

This pretty much came about when I realised that as long as I was sitting on the sofa where I always sit my brain automatically fell into a sort of pissing-about mode where it just wanted to veg out and play computer games or read or watch TV. Which unfortunately was not conducive to writing.

So I figured maybe if I chose a different place to be my writing place, and always went there to write, then maybe my brain would reset to writing mode when I was there? Worth a try, right? But I hate writing at a desk, and obviously the sofa is out, so I settled on my bed as a writing place. And to reinforce it I decided to make myself a hot chocolate when I went to start writing as another sort of reminder that it was productive time now.

I've written every night this week, at least 800 words per night. Part of that, no doubt, is being excited about a new project, I'll admit, but I haven't written this much this regularly in at least three years.

So here's my wordcounter as of tonight, before I head off to bed:

9547 / 100000

Do you have any weird writing rituals or habits? Do they really help, or can you ignore them and still get on with writing?
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Suddenly and without my seeming input my current project has become a two-POV piece rather than my usual tight-third single POV. Bit weirded out to be honest. Last time I wrote multiple POV was in high school and it was a total disaster.

Then again, things seem to be going really well - probably just cursed it, but I started writing for reals on Friday and I'm 4000 words in now, which considering my track record of the last 3 years is pretty fantastic. Clearly all it took was a new project to get excited about and I'm off.

Now you can all look forward to the next time I stall, when as per usual I will complain about it vociferously to anyone who listen, including all of you. Fun times.

4156 / 100000

(100k is a total guess, BTW. I have no idea how long this will be. Hopefully not crazylong but not ridiculously short. That's what I'm aiming for, anyway.)
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If you were a sexy mercenary/bounty hunter / badass, why would you long-term hijack a dragonbird and its hot female pilot/messenger? And also accidentally bind yourselves together so you can't separate by more than 300 yards?

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The other day two ideas that had never gone anywhere suddenly snapped together like jigsaw puzzle pieces in an internet game. One of them might be the dragonbird idea. And so possibly I might be developing a new novel project. Watch this space :D

...I really, really need to find that old high school notebook that I suspect has been long since thrown out.

Today's rec!

Totally awesomely cute and in-character, something that very rarely happens, especially in a fandom like Inception where every character is a badass.

Sort of Revolution by [livejournal.com profile] pyrimidine. Extract: Before today, Eames had this ridiculous idea in his head that Arthur slept standing up, and ‘powered down’ seemed a more appropriate phrase than ‘slept’. This is one of the few times in his life that Eames has enjoyed being wrong and he has no idea why.

Tags: inception, arthur/eames, slash, fic, genre:fluff, a:pyrimidine

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Writing is haaaaard, you guys! I managed about 300 words in an hour today. This is not like me at all. They may be rubbish words, but at least usually I'm prolific. This is like pulling teeth. DO NOT LIKE.

Your daily rec! Now, I hate Mary Sue fic as much as the next homicidal maniac. But I love me a well-written OC or outsider POV. And this is one of my favourite fics using this POV.

PTSD as a way of life by [livejournal.com profile] ethrosdemon. Summary: As the Enterprise heads off again for its five year tour, onboard ship shrinks are now a mandate -- in fact, head shrink counselor is now a recognized senior staff position, so there's nothing anyone on board can do about it.

Tags: startrekxi, gen, fic, oc, outsidepov, a:ethrosdemon

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*deep breath*

Damn, I love it when that happens!

Here, to celebrate, let's have one of those not-quite-daily recs I promise all the time and then forget about!

Every last one by [livejournal.com profile] addandsubtract. Summary: There is a horn displayed in a case in Brad’s living room, on top of the glass coffee table in front of his couch. Nate sees it in his peripheral vision the moment before Brad shoves him back against the door, hands clenched tight in the sleeves of Nate’s long-sleeved t-shirt.

Tags: generationkill, brad/nate, slash, fic, crossover, crossover:americangods, fusion, fusion:americangods, au, a:addandsubtract

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I've reached that point in the creative planning process where I've hit a wall and suddenly start questioning whether or not it's a good idea overall, if it's original, if anyone will want to read it, if I just totally suck... etc, etc. I'm having difficulty with the external conflict, you see - which is almost always my problem.

I know the interpersonal conflict and the relationships between the two main characters, I know the world and have a lot of worldbuilding done already, but deciding on a decent conflict, something they will have a personal stake in enough for the reader to give a damn! That always gets me.

ARGH. I'm really excited about this novel. But I can't start writing until I know roughly where I'm going, and that means I have to decide on this conflict.

Pseudo-marriage of convenience trope wedded to bonding and unwanted relations with a person you don't know? Check! Awesome dragonbird plus hot rider? Check! Semi-steampunk dress-sense? Check! Girl with a sword? Check! External conflict?... not so much.

[livejournal.com profile] ionaonie, this is all your fault for not being around when I need to dump on someone so I can talk my way out of corners.


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