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Second time deleting all bookmarks and reuploading to replace a worse copy. Now finally back to where I want to be. Other than renaming all my tags to help organise them better... depressingly it turns out I nearly have as many tags as bookmarks.
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I'm looking to redo all of my tagging for the time being so that while there aren't any tag bundles it will reorganise them within the cloud so that they're easier to find. The problem is that I have A LOT of tags. So I'm willing to do a deal: I'll pay for your pinboard account if you'll help me rename my tags.

I'll give you access to my account and tell you how I'm changing it, and it'll be done a lot faster. I can afford to do this for maybe two people so let me know.

I'd prefer to do this for people who genuinely can't afford to buy an account but let's see how we go. If you know anybody who's mentioned it on their lj who you think I can rely on to help me with this then point them my way please?
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(I know my icon shows LJ in it, but it seemed appropriate)

So we all know that Delicious' new owners, in their infinite wisdom, decided to revamp the site entirely when they bought it and strip out all that useless old stuff that actually worked and replace it with shiny new stuff that nobody likes. As a... semi power user?... and having been using delicious obsessively and with adulation and adoration for five years, you might say that having my rug pulled out from under me has left me somewhat bereft. SO. What are we going to do about it?

  • There are various alternatives being mooted around fandom, and to which people are exporting their bookmarks. The one most people seem to be going for is Pinboard, a paid site (it's about $10, or roughly £6 to sign up) which has most of the functions of delicious but also has a really friendly, helpful developer who is actively asking fandom what we want. It doesn't have subscriptions, and it doesn't have tag bundles, but there's a lot of hope that it might do in the future.

  • Other alternatives include diigo, which has a questionable history with censorship and randomly deciding fannish accounts are full of spam and poor customer service. It works, though.

  • You can also - very easily, and as a first step - use Google Bookmarks to export your bookmarks to for free, so you can at least get at your own data. It's not terribly functional compared to delicious, but it's a good back-up and way to get stuff out of Delicious. ETA: Exporting from Delicious is now working again, which is good, because doing the Delicious --> Google Bookmarks --> Pinboard transfer alphabetised all of my tags on every post, and I have a particular order I use them in. So deleted all my bookmarks - again - and reuploading from delicious to see if this makes a difference.

  • A spreadsheet is being created of people's usernames on various services so you can find the people you used to follow, which you can find here: The Fandom Spreadsheet. As well as this, someone has set up a webpage where you can not only list yourself but it will see if any of your Delicious network has listed themselves too, which is here: Delicious → Pinboard username mapper.

  • The Pinboard creator is actively responding LIVE to a fannish document being made collaboratively RIGHT NOW, so we can all go and add our comments and ask for specific features and discuss them. You can find this document here.

  • ETA: AVOS is backtracking and saying they'll be fixing their fuck-up, so let's see what they do. I'll be honest, if they fix it back then I will probably crawl back to them like an abusive boyfriend, because I am emotionally involved with delicious in an unhealthy way.

  • I am now on Pinboard and will be spending a lot of time obsessively editing my tags to reorganise them and make them easier to search again. My username over there is also tahariel and you can follow me if you sign up or add me as an RSS feed! ADD ME, WE WILL NETWORK AND HAVE DRINKS AND SHARE PORN.
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    Oh delicious

    You are not so delicious


    My carefully crafted castle

    Of bookmarked fic

    Crumbles like a sandcastle

    Your new overlord has peed on.

    Network, I hardly knew ye.

    But I knew what kind of porn you liked.

    (Come find me on Pinboard)
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    When you think I probably read ten fics for every one I save, that's a lot of fic you guys.
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    Yahoo Trying To Unload Del.icio.us, Not Shut It Down


    This has been a day of MAJOR PANIC for my fannishness, so news like this is awesome. And also hilarious - because clearly Yahoo! have NO IDEA what people want and like and need, which is kind of sucky when you're a company that supposedly makes things that people want and like and need in order to make money.

    Also, think of poor diigo staffers, who thought they were about to make it super-big with the cave-in of delicious and now everyone will head straight back to the pool from whence we spawned, leaving their servers overloaded with our stuff. Ah, well. I hear fish came out, wandered around on land for a few millenia then went back again, too. Bagsy being the orca, they're totally stylish.
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    Don't you think it's kind of ironic that people are delicious bookmarking posts about delicious shutting? Or is this some kind of stealth campaign?

    ETA: Someone has started a petition to ask Yahoo! to make delicious open source. You can go sign it here.

    ETA 2: Electric Bugaloo And another one here.


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