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Maybe I'm just late to the party, but did my Inception peeps know you can read the prequel comic THE COBOL JOB in its entirety here on the internet for free? I know they're giving it away with the DVD some places but I have a feeling I'm getting the movie for Christmas so can't control if I get it with the comic or not.

Also, you can read the script for the upcoming prequel comic THE BIG UNDER on deviantart or, alternatively, [livejournal.com profile] onthecount has reposted it here.

It's pretty awesome, and interesting to see more of the characters, though [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius will be happy as there's no Eames :D
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...[livejournal.com profile] elmathelas linked me to this awesome classic Peanuts cartoon:

Sally wears a patch

I'll change the link to an image later, but right now I'm at the gym and apparently right-click doesn't work here. Weird.
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So this weekend I decided to test out a little theory of mine to see what the read/review ratio was on my fic. I've always wondered how many people actually read a fic, as compared to how many review - I know for a fact that I'm terribly guilty at times of failing to review, though I'm trying to improve, and I assume this counts for everyone else.

The reason I'm posting my findings is not because I want to make a big stink or anything, but because I thought other people might be interested too. Certainly my peeps at [livejournal.com profile] merlinmeet expressed an interest at the weekend, so here we are :)

On Sunday, four days after the fic was first posted, I placed a non-obtrusive hit-counting script on the fic page so that I could see how many people opened the webpage. (If you're interested, I used Statcounter.com to do this.) Since Sunday, I have received something like six reviews; however, the page has received 248 hits at last count.

So in three days, that means that only 2.41% of those accessing the page reviewed.

Of course, some of these may have disliked the fic, or the summary, or the pairing, and hit the back button, not read the fic at all; some may have finished it, but not liked it enough to review; others may have internet arrangements which mean they cannot review for whatever reason. Like I said, I'm not trying to stir up shit, I just think it's interesting.

It's an ego boost, anyway, seeing how many people have clicked over to my fic. And I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't like it if that percentage was higher, but what fic writer wouldn't?

I think I'll do the same on future fics to see if that percentage holds true if you take into account all the hits from the first posting of the fic, and get a more averaged result. Would people be interested in seeing the results? If so, I'll post them, but maybe I'm just a statistics geek.

ETA: HTML-fail fixed.
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Got this link through delicious - a short film made entirely of nearly 15,000 still shots run together to make what is, in effect, a stop motion movie starring Zachary Quinto running around first his home and then the set of Heroes. Not only is it visually clever - the shots are taken close enough together that it's not jerky, but far enough apart that it's obvious it's not true video - but it also really made me giggle. It's awesome, go check it out!

Happy New Year, Bordeaux, starring Zachary Quinto, that hotass GQMF.
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I'd actually forgotten about this since I showed it to [livejournal.com profile] ionaonie yesterday (how could I? No, seriously), but when I saw her post about it today, I remembered, and yeah, it totally bears sharing XD

So, this artist guy draws sexy Disney leading men in their underwear. And let's just say, he doesn't hold back on, y'know, the anatomy. Those Disney heroes are hung XD

Though Aladdin really freaks me out. I think it's his face.

(It makes me wonder what these skeezes at the Open Source Boob Project would have to say about men being objectified in this way. If you haven't heard about this, it's basically a really roundabout way of trying to get 'open access' for men to touch any woman's boobs they like without the woman being able to refuse, or if they do, they get branded as being 'close-minded' and 'selfish'. I couldn't even read the whole post, I was so disgusted. [livejournal.com profile] rivkat's post on the subject pretty much sums up my thoughts on the thing - you can find it here.)
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This is my brain! It's from one of the MRI scans I did this year for monies and stuff :D

Awesome, huh? It has my nose :D
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Hey! More Potter Puppet Pals videos! I'd forgotten all about these!
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Was searching for quotes to use on a wallpaper I'm making, and found this, which just cracked me up:

“Never believe that body is permanent. Body is like a water bubble. Mind is like a mad monkey.” - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Well, I know my mind is like a mad monkey, but I'm not sure about the water bubble bit :D
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Is it just me, or do these two look almost exactly like Sheppard and Weir? 'm just sayin'.
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Even if you're not an SGA fan, you should go read this. It's beautiful, moving, and I cannot pimp it enough.

Male Enchancement (The Soul and the Company Store Remix)
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They Fight Crime!


Apr. 30th, 2007 07:09 pm
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This icon was too much to pass up. I know my policy is not to use icons made by other people, but, really. Just look at it. (You'll have to have seen Heroes to get the joke)
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Has everyone heard about the whole 'Pixel-stained, technopeasant wretches!' thing? Because if not, google it, it's actually really funny. Better yet, google Fandom_Wank, and read the report there - it's fairly straightforward :D

I think it's fair to say that I am proud to be a pixel-stained, technopeasant wretch, and would in fact wear the t-shirt.
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There are some authors you just have to pimp, because they are That Good.

I've been rereading these lately, hence the sudden pimpage.

Ghosts in the Snow by Tamara Siler Jones

Seriously, go check it out. There's a free excerpt and everything.
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This website is awesome, and it makes me feel so much better when I'm discouraged :D Just put your name into the address where it says [yourname], and go!

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No. 1: He is writing an online blog. AS RADEK ZELENKA. THIS IS WHY HE IS AWESOME, PEOPLE!

Letters from Pegasus
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Found in Argos, High Wycombe, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest action figures. This is what happened when I read the packaging of the Will doll:

Box:Squeeze Will's legs together for a sword-slashing attack!
Me: *barely choked back peals of laughter* Do they even realise how that reads?

New story!

Nov. 5th, 2005 05:10 pm
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I'm starting a new story. Whether it will be long or not is yet to be seen, but you can see it on my writing journal, Rainbow Number 7

Also, see this picture, it's so unbelievably cute! It's called 'Frodo the Ringwraith' and is a 'what if' picture for if Frodo had become a wraith when he was stabbed. Go take a look.


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