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So tonight I finished reading a book I only picked up from the post office this morning, which I totally loved, and have possibly in a fit of crazy ordered the next three books as well, despite not knowing if I will continue to love this series but feeling that if I have to wait between books I might DIE, you guys. (For those interested, the series in question is the Mary Russell series by Laurie R King, which is the best sort of Mary Sue Sherlock Holmes pastiche that totally plays on my deep intellectual attraction to the character and my abiding physical lust for The Cumberbatch. Every time Mary and Holmes have a particularly good scene together I squee on the inside. And possibly on the outside. A little. DON'T JUDGE ME OKAY I LOVE IT)


ANYWAY. What I actually intended to post about was the difficulty of clearing ones bookshelves when your favourite kind of reading is often rereading, and there are an awful lot of books you love enough to keep.

Those who have been to my flat will know that I own an entire (big) wall of books, and that they are double- and sometimes triple-stacked as it is. I went through tonight to find books I no longer want and found four I was willing to part with.


I have a disease. It is called bibliophilia and the only cure is MORE BOOKS. Eventually I will have to start stacking them around the room, and then they will collapse on me one day and I will die, and it will be like the Death of a Thousand Cuts except it will be the Death of a Thousand Papercuts, and I only hope that a really good book lands open in front of my face as I lie there trapped so that I don't get too bored while I slowly suffocate.

What have you been reading lately, oh mighty flist? Any recommendations for a voracious bibliovore?

ETA: Weirdly, iPad decided to disable comments without asking me. Now turned back on.

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Sometimes these things don't even have to write themselves. Sometimes THEY ALREADY ARE.
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From firstshowing.net:

Back in September we got confirmation that director Ron Howard and writer Akiva Goldsman are tackling an unprecedented adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series that will alternate between film and TV. For those unfamiliar, series of novels follow Roland Deschain, the last living member of a knightly order of gunslingers, and humanity’s last hope to save a civilization that will crumble unless he finds the Dark Tower. (...)

If you don't recall how this process of adapting the Dark Tower series is going to work, here's a little refresher. Ron Howard will direct the first film which will be followed closely by a season of television written by Akiva Goldsman (who is also writing the first film as of now). That season will act as a bridge to a film sequel and then it's back to another series of television, but this time with a prequel storyline. Then the final film goes back to the future (so to speak) to conclude Deschain's journey.

(Read the whole article here)

Now, I tried to read the first book of the series years ago and didn't get on with it, but this sounds really interesting! Alternating between movies and TV? The same actors, same writers, ongoing continuity? This sounds like exactly the sort of cool media thing I totally love, whether or not I liked the book. What do you guys think?

In other news, in search of my beloved Coke Zero, of which I ran out on Friday before the snow hit (OH THE HUMANITY) I left the safety of the flat this afternoon to go to Tesco. BIG MISTAKE. It is like playing dodgems with your real car out there right now. I had to improvise a way home to get around this stupid caravan that was blocking the sensible road between Tesco and my house. The fact that I eventually made it is a source of great pride to me.

Seriously, though, do I really have to go to work tomorrow in this? Balls.
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I've been off work this week which has been lovely. Not only have I had lots of sleep but I have avoided being responsible and grown-up and done a lot of watching TV shows and read books.

This one book in particular you will be interested in, my loves, and I know you will be interested in it because it is called 'The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty: The Erotic Adventures of Sleeping Beauty' and is all about how Prince Charming finds her asleep in her castle, has sex with her unconscious (virgin) body to wake her up then takes her as his BDSM love slave back to his castle where lots of princes and princesses are kept constantly naked as BDSM love slaves and tormented, because apparently this makes you a better ruler. How this works is yet to be explained.

It's one of those books that: a) has to be read to be believed and b) you keep reading even though it seems Anne Rice is really, really into spanking.

Like REALLY. )

I am so tempted to buy volume two you have no idea, mostly because I am a bit sick in the head.

In other news, I am going to try to restart doing a rec for you guys every day, if people would be into that? Here's the first of them anyway!

For those who love witty banter and crazy hijinks and dragons, this fic is for you! A fantastic fusion of Generation Kill with [livejournal.com profile] naominovik's Temeraire series, focussing on Ray and Brad. You don't have to have seen GK to read this fic, or in fact have read Temeraire, though as both are awesome you totally should. Really this fic's main strength is the wonderful characterisation of Ray, who has such potential to be irritating but is instead terribly endearing; also the skill with which the prose is written and the description used is so on-period for the Napoleonic era despite using characters who are quintessentially modern in their outlooks and syntax. Seriously, this is good. Read it!

Carrying Dangerous Goods by [livejournal.com profile] novembersmith. Summary: From the Signal Code of the Royal Navy and His Majesty's Aerial Corps: B, or Bravo -- I am taking in, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods.

Tags: generationkill, temeraire, brad/ray, slash, fic, au, crossover, fusion, crossover:generationkill, crossover:temeraire, fusion:temeraire, a:novembersmith

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Still He Offers the Sea Shell by [livejournal.com profile] longsufferingly. Summary: Gilbert Blythe is back from his semester abroad, and he wants to meet this Anne Shirley he's heard so much about.

Tags: anneofgreengables, gilbert/anne, het, fic, au, students!au, modern!au, a:longsufferingly

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Since I reread the novel just yesterday, I thought I should rec a Pride and Prejudice fic today! It's sappy but wonderful.

The End of the Honeymoon by Jane Elliot. Extract: For the most part Elizabeth Darcy did not regard the lack of formal statements of love. Darcy loved her, they were happy, and overall her life was more than pleasant.

Tags: prideandprejudice, darcy/elizabeth, het, fic, yuletide2006

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Bullet-pointy list for formatting goodness!

  • Things are finally FINALLY moving with the flat purchase. I've been approved for the mortgage (pending their receiving a piece of paperwork I sent yesterday), and they have authorised the appraisal/survey. Which means that, hopefully, I WILL ACTUALLY MOVE SOMETIME THIS YEAR.

    All those who have heard me moaning about this never-ending saga can now breathe a tentative sigh of relief.

  • In fannish news, I am now up-to-date on: White Collar, Criminal Minds, Castle, and Glee. I would have been up-to-date with Supernatural, too, but I seem to be missing eps 505 and 506. Dammit. Of course, since all shows boot up for the second half of the season this month, I will soon be behind again. Eventually I will catch up with everything, I swear. As soon as I get the goddamned internet for reals.

  • I've been reading a lot this week (real books! Made from trees!) and I read this AMAZING YA book (and then the sequel) that you will all love and have to go read NOW NOW NOW. Look, you can even read a sample chapter for free!

    It's called The Hunger Games, it's by Suzanne Collins, and it is pure genius. In a post-apocalyptic world, a teenage girl takes her little sister's place in the Hunger Games, reality TV with a difference... as punishment for their rebellion, the people of the twelve districts are forced to send twenty-four teenagers, twelve boys and twelve girls, into an arena where they are forced to kill each other for the amusement of the ruling class, until only one is left standing. Tense, dramatic, painful, and wonderful; I haven't stopped thinking about it since I read it, and I kind of want to get amnesia so I can read it for the first time all over again.The sequel is already available (and I've devoured that too,) and the third and final book of the trilogy comes out this Summer. I think I might die of anticipation.

  • And now for the accumulated daily recs: this week, with a theme of 'superpowered AUs'! (I swear I will post some non-slash soon, too, for variety.)

    biconvex by [livejournal.com profile] mercurial_wit. Extract: Peter could feel a headache threatening to develop in the Caffrey Zone, which was located an inch above his temples, and had been a close acquaintance of throbbing pain during the last seven years. "But you're a shielder," he said, daring Neal to point out that he was stating the obvious. "And a bad one at that."

    Tags: whitecollar, neal/peter/elizabeth, het, slash, fic, au, telepathy, superpowers!au, a:mercurial-wit

    Fight Down Height by [livejournal.com profile] hannahrorlove. Extract: When he opened his eyes, the most surprising thing about the situation became the fact that he was looking down over his office.

    Tags: house, house/wilson, slash, fic, au, genre:superpowers, crackfic, superpowers!au, a:hannahrorlove

    I Can See That You're Thinking About Having Sex With Me But I Am Not Into You by [livejournal.com profile] kathkin. Summary: Based on this prompt on the old Kink Meme: AU. Arthur can read minds.

    Tags: merlin, merlin/arthur, slash, fic, au, psychic!sex, superpowers!au, a:kathkin

    Sweet Dreams Are Made of These by [livejournal.com profile] camouflagecamel. Summary: When Jim meets the older Spock in that horribly cold ice cave, only a small part of him is shocked. Of course, he thinks to himself. Of course I can see the future and dream of my as-of-current-arch-enemy fucking me senseless and then meet his alternate-older self on an icy hellhole where he basically left me to die. Of course. Life is never fucking simple.

    Tags: startrekxi, kirk/spock, slash, fic, au, fic, cliche:someoneispsychic, superpowers!au, a:camouflagecamel

    X by [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone. Extract: “You know why they’re sending you.” Elizabeth nodded. “Of course. It’s an exploratory mission—” “No.” The coin spun in General O’Neill’s hand, beside General O’Neill’s hand. “You know why they’re sending you.”

    Tags: sga, x-men, marvelverse, fusion, fusion:sga, fusion:x-men, crossover, crossover:sga, crossover:x-men, au, cliche:superpowers, a:trinityofone

    Awakening and Synergy by [livejournal.com profile] crimsonquills. Summary: Everyone in the world suddenly gains psychic abilities. There are consequences. / Summary: Set immediately after Awakening. As in, if you squished the two together you wouldn't be able to tell where the seam was. Tony's awake. Now he and Gibbs have to adapt to the bond that brought him back.

    Tags: ncis, gibbs/dinozzo, slash, fic, psychic!sex, a:nix

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    In case anyone's interested, [livejournal.com profile] sarahtales, author of The Demon's Lexicon, is putting up a new short story every week based in the same universe. This week's story is Sorceror and Stone, and it's totally awesome. Go read it! You don't have to have read the book to understand it, either.
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    So on Monday I went into London to attend a booksigning for Sarah Rees Brennan ([livejournal.com profile] sarahtales's novel The Demon's Lexicon. I had a great time and met some really lovely people, but what I want to talk about today is the book itself, which I finished today.

    Seriously, you should read this book. No spoilers, because I want you to read the review and then go read the book. But I figured I'd be polite and use a cut anyway. Also, under here is a link to the first chapter for free. )
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    Today I logged onto my email and thought I must have been majorly spammed, because I had so many emails, but it was people wishing me happy birthday! Thank you everyone! I got all the stuff I asked for, which is neat. It was a weird kind of birthday because it didn't feel much like one really due to the fact I had all the normal day stuff to do. But now I am older! And also now I have the second set of Merlin DVDs, so I'm pretty happy all-in-all :D

    My dissertation first draft was handed in last Friday, and already my tutor is getting back to me about it - I'm meeting her tomorrow. Which leaves me with - 10? - days to complete the editing and hand in the final version. Plenty of time! (I hope!)

    Last week my brain threw a tantrum about doing so much concentrating, so I gave in and went off to read the Twilight books, since I've heard bad things about them but wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

    [livejournal.com profile] ionaonie on MSN.">

    I read all four of them last week. The first book was by far the best, and I really quite enjoyed it - Iona was shocked, and I have to say I was surprised after all I'd heard about it, but it hit some of my real fiction kinks, and I liked Meyer's style and use of description. However, for the rest of the series, she suffered from a sophomore slump that continued on a downward slope.

    Similarly to HP7, I enjoyed books two through four for the most part while I was reading them, but once i had finished was a little unsatisfied. In the first book, Edward is more mysterious and we have to guess at his feelings through his behaviour (which is properly masculine), whereas in the later books, and increasingly so, he starts talking about his feelings far too much and too openly. Even girls don't do that.

    The second and third books I still like, but in a general sort of way, with some bits I really thought were good and other parts were kind of meh. But the fourth book, while it had some very good sections, also had large sections where it just read like badfic. There is a loose plot, but mostly it's 'they got married then they had a baby then everything was yay oops need a plot DANGER! yay!' Some individual sections were good, but as a whole it lacked sophistication. It's a shame, because i liked the first one a lot. I've never been a big fan of love triangles, which didn't help; I liked the forbidden romance / they can't touch! edge to the first one. The first book's story has really stuck with me in a big way, my brain is still turning it over and enjoying thinking about it, but the later ones it seems to ignore.

    That's what I've been doing lately - working and having brain tantrums! What about you, flist? What are your opinions on Twilight? What have you been up to?
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    If you've never tried any of Neil Gaiman's books, why not download this totally free, totally legit copy of (in my opinion) his best novel, and see if you like it?

    Here's the blog post linking to the free copy of American Gods.

    Seriously, he's an excruciatingly talented writer. Well worth reading.
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    So, I guess I'm kind of a book snob.

    (BTW, I am totally over all the freaking out today. It seems to have blown over. And also I have finished all my exams! Yay! So happy happy la la today. Tomorrow gotta go have my hair cut and buy Dad and Gail a happy engagement card. For those who don't know, they got engaged last week and told me on Monday, at which point I proceeded to freak out over all the change that implied, but I'm over it now.)

    Over on Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels a male author who has just been told by his publisher that he has written a paranormal romance wants a primer in paranormal romance, and so has asked for recommendations.

    Now, I love paranormal-type novels, and alot of them are paranormal romance. So off I trotted to Amazon with many of the titles from this list to see what they were about, what I thought by reading the summaries, that sort of thing.

    But so many of them had really bad trashy covers, and as soon as the pages loaded my finger tended to hit the 'back' button without even scrolling down to read the blurbs.

    I'm sure there are very good trashy novels out there, and aren't you supposed to not judge a book by its cover? But so many novels with bad covers are bad inside. How do you tell the difference? And does this make me a snob? If so, do you now look at me with less love and respect than you did before? (Surely it is not humanly possible for you to have less respect for me than before, I hear you cry.)

    And when I'm looking at agents, and who they've got on their client lists, and not only see no names I know but see novels with trashy looking covers from publishers who publish that sort of thing all the time, should I be looking for other agents or thinking, 'this agent got that author published in the right place for their novel', rather than, 'do they have the contacts for the kind of novel I want to publish? And do they even publish novels of the standard I hope I'm writing at?'

    Am I just an incorrigible snob?
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    While waiting on the tran platform to go in for the pre-release book party in London at the HP Con I caught sight of a pale, bald man down the platform and before conscious thought my brain screamed "VOLDEMORT! AARGH!" before I realised that no, it was just some bald guy in a suit. But genuinely I thought it was Voldemort for a few seconds. Tells you something about my brain, huh?

    I read HP7 in seven and a half hours from midnight onwards solid through the night last night, and have only had about two hours of sleep since seven am yesterday. This is what I thought of it. Cut for spoilers.

    HP7: The Book That JK Rowling Forgot (To Edit) )
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    I got this from [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone, and it's really cool - it's a site called GoodReads, where you can keep an online book diary with reviews of everything you read, and network with other people to see what they're reading, and also get reviews of books you're thinking about reading. I love it already, and I've only been on it for ten minutes. Give it a go :)

    Good Reads

    (By the way, this is my subtle way of telling you to join up and come be my GoodReads friends, too :D)

    I am also - shock, but not horror, please! - almost finished with the short story I am writing, 'The Things I'll Never Do'. As I am a chronic non-finisher, and you all know this, I expect you to be gaping right about now, but I am not lying! Hurrah!

    And also, today on the bus I had an idea for an SGA fanfic I actually quite want to write, which I will do after I finish TTIND, so more yay!

    Today is now official Yay Day ^-^
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    There are some authors you just have to pimp, because they are That Good.

    I've been rereading these lately, hence the sudden pimpage.

    Ghosts in the Snow by Tamara Siler Jones

    Seriously, go check it out. There's a free excerpt and everything.
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    After watching the magnificent Night Watch, and reading the book, I really, really want to read more fantasy stories that are based in Russia, because I've only read one other fantasy based in Russia and that was awesome, too, and so, y'know, from Russia with love, please. If anybody should have any thoughts on the matter. ([livejournal.com profile] ali_calder, you are my greatest hope, if you ever actually read my lj entries at all.)

    Today I am a little bit ill, on and off, so I was going to go out but didn't in the end because I woke up fast asleep this morning and going out would not improve this for tomorrow. Tomorrow being an entire day off, and Thursday morning too because it's not my week for physics practical, so, y'know, cool :D

    Also, am rereading the Temeraire sequence by Naomi Novik which you SHOULD ALL READ, LIKE, NOW, OR I WILL BEAT YOU WITH A STICK, because I found out on Sunday that none other than PETER JACKSON just bought the movie rights to all her books! HOW cool? I'm so happy for her, she's also one of my favourite fandom people :)

    (In case you're wondering, Temeraire is a set of fantasy novels set in the Napoleonic wars, but with a dragon-based air force! And the writing is just so, so good. So basically, read it. Read it now.)

    I am now torn between Night Watch icon and Temeraire icon, but I will use the Temeraire one because if you go to my journal you can see my Night Watch icon as my default on my sidebar :)
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    Been reading some great books the last couple of days (breaking off for the moment from my Wheel of Time reread, which can get a little heavy.) Read the new Kelly Armstrong werewolf book, Broken, which managed to carry off pregnancy and kids along the way with flair and ease (no easy task without it becoming mushy and gah); the second 'Warprize' novel, which while it's not about werewolves - it's a fantasy romance - was lovely, albeit not as good as the first one, but that's because the protagonists are already together so you don't get that upward spiral of anticipation until they get together.

    Also just finished Dates From Hell, an anthology of four novellas by Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Kelley Armstrong and Lori Handeland. All but Lynsay Sands I'd read some of before, but jeez, she's just filler material. Seriously, amateurville *eyeroll* For one thing, hello, learn to write? For another, cliche! For a third, GENETICS? Ever heard of it? You can't pass on characteristics of the parents that haven't been changed at genetic level, you retard! A-level biology may not be cutting edge, but I could have told you that at GCSE or lower! *grumbles some more about idiots wasting a quarter of an otherwise good book*

    Her story didn't even fit the premise, anyway. But the other stories, those by Kim Harrison and Kelley Armstrong, filled in backstory! I love backstory!And even if Lori Handeland screwed up her closing scene, the rest of it was good. So it sort of makes up for it.

    /amy bitching about bad writing
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    I've been rereading some of my old books lately, remembering how much I loved them. First I reread my Anita Blake books, and I was really enjoying them all the way through book nine until book ten, when it became crap. Those who have read them will know what I mean; those who haven't cannot understand the depths of rubbishness to which they sank. This is my 'late Laurell K. Hamilton' impression:

    Ooh, a sexy new character! He's sexy! Ooh, a shiny new power! It's shiny!

    So I gave up and didn't finish rereading the series. Now I'm rereading The Wheel of Time, and even though Robert Jordan has made it hugely long and complex and difficult to remember so you have to reread it every time a new one comes out, and even though he pairs everyone up like a big romantic girl, I'd forgotten how brilliant it really is. Just... wow. The patience and the planning and the sheer cleverness of it all. I love it all over again.

    Now for a new feature which I've decided to do because I want to and I feel bitchy today:

    Ten Things Amy Hates to Find in Fanfic

  • Out-of-character-ness: Please, for the love of God, if you're writing fanfic keep the characters in character, because otherwise it's not fanfic, it's just mess. Fanfic implies that you be able to recognise the characters and situations when you read it, not that the names be the same.

  • Feminisation of male characters in slash: Why, why, why, are you writing a heterosexual story with male plumbing? Isn't the point of slash that both of them are men, with all that implies, rather than one being a woman wearing a man suit? This is one of the most common things to piss me off. People writing stories which obviously hold the relationship at the centre of it to heterosexual roles. Why, for instance, would two guys necessarily want to adopt kids/have kids? Sure, they might do, but most don't. That's more a girl thing, more often than not.

  • Limp dialogue: If the original show is incredibly witty, and you are not, don't try to be, because it falls flat. I know that you might want to write fanfic in that fandom, but really, some things are hard to imitate, you know? You can write fanfic which doesn't try to be witty in that fandom and still have it ring true, if you're good.

  • Getting things wrong: As in getting details wrong that are clearly known from the canon. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes it's not a mistake it's just you being stupid. 'Nuff said.

  • Bad spelling: It's not hard to hit spellcheck at least, is it? Or even to actually read it before posting it? I'd like to be able to read what you wrote without having to correct spelling in my head so that I can understand your puerile meanderings. (Ooh, harsh!) And bad grammar! Ohmigod, if you mean to do any sort of writing at all, learn the rules of the language in which you are writing! Supposedly you were born into it! It's not that hard!

  • Cliche: Sometimes it works, especially when the author is doing it on purpose. Sometimes it's just stupid and boring and there are a million other fics out there exactly the same and much better than yours. Suck it up and write something original, m'kay?

  • Spoilers which aren't listed at the top: Not everyone has read/watched as far as you, and that's fine, except for when you don't warn people. Because then we find out whether we want to or not. And, you know, that sucks, alright? I'm one of those people who hates knowing about anything before it happens before my very own eyes, and I've been known to make horrifying threats towards people who try to tell me anything I don't already know.

  • Americanisation/any sort of nation-isation: Don't bitch about not knowing the customs of the place where something is set, that's where it's set and anything else is un-canon and doesn't work and is bad. It's not hard to ask questions or merely avoid areas where you might have to show your iggerance. It's called RESEARCH, and there's this pretty thing called the INTERNET now which makes that a whole lot easier.

  • Everyone's gay! stories: Because there's such a high ratio of gay people to straight people that everyone in a given show could possibly be gay at once unless by some massively improbable fluke which doesn't fit with anything ever *eyeroll* See: Gundam Wing, where all the pilots are apparently gay, and all the girls are lesbians, and so they all have babies together and are happy and gay. And gay, did I mention gay? I like slash, but I want to be able to believe it, I'm not one of those people who goes, 'cool, they're gay, that's so hawt'.

  • The never-ending story: Where basically there's no plot, but the story just goes on and on forever about banalities. It may have started out with a plot, but you never wanted it to end, so you just kept going about how they all settled down and had babies and marital or marital-equivalent bliss. Yeah, I don't really care enough to read forever and ever. End it on a high, there is always a better end point than 'and then she washed his socks and they were clean and he loved her more than any Jedi warrior in the entire universe and gave her a big wet kiss and...'

    I'd love to see anyone else's top ten, if you feel up to doing it. Either post on your own ljs or in the comments here. Or add any to the list, even, that you feel have not yet been properly represented. Feel free to be as bitchy and rude towards stupid people are you like :D (I have low tolerance for stupidity, as you may have gathered XD)
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    Okay, first a notice: I'm going to be away from the 9th to the 17th of February because I'm going to Gambia. So just because there are no posts does not mean I have finally succumbed to the evil demon that has been trying to possess me for the last two years, simply that I'm in Africa. (Some of you may say, what's the difference? I say, wuhuh?)

    Not much goin' on... finished reading two books today, one was Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and the other was Ill Wind, a book about a lady who can control the weather and cool stuff like that, very modern fantasy coolness. Planning to definitely get more of that series. Had an English tute this morning, my essay got trashed, but now I know what I did wrong so everything is a-okay. Hopefully. Maybe. Um, yeah...
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    I'm not going to Debbie's thing tonight, sadly, though I want to, because giving all your friends the lurgy is not my favourite way of saying 'Merry Christmas!' So I hope you all have a good time and I'll see you soon. If you don't go back until some time after the end of next week I'm actually finishing work next week, so after that I'm free (and probably won't have the lurgy.)

    I did go to work today, though, and was reasonably okay. I get paid, which works well for me and my bank balance, naturally. I missed lounging around at home watching X-Files, but then again I finish next week so after that I'll have time (when I'm not revising, of course.)

    Damn, I want more Terry Pratchett... Thud! was so good, I love Vimes. I think the City Watch books are my favourite. Or maybe the Death ones...


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