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So today I 'met' some people, a girl on my course and a guy from down the hall a little way, and so it begins. I don't think they're going to be my best friends or anything, but it's hard to meet people who don't drink or go out partying all the time when they don't go out all the time and neither do you, naturally :) I'm going to Movie Night tonight, which someone said may be Brokeback Mountain, so hopefully I'll meet some stay-in types there (assuming anyone else goes, which would be typical!)

I also went to a poster sale today and bought these art deco posters. The picture for the second one is rubbish, but it's the best I could find on the net :)

Absinthe Robette

La Plume

I also met Sara Copsey from Challoners today, randomly! It turns out she dropped out last year and now she's here as a first-year. How bizarre!

Also, go to [livejournal.com profile] summercon to see my banner in use at the top and contributions from me to the various challenges. It's a fun, online convention! Take part!
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Yay, Jack/Daniel banner goodness for all!

Go here for Jack/Daniel banner goodness
ETA:And now also here!

God, I read so much fanfic. I've read so much SGA stuff that now I start reading a fic and can't remember if I've read it before (which for me never happens, I remember pretty much everything I've ever read and how the plot goes and even specific scenes down to dialogue sometimes depending on how memorable it was.)

Lucy's boyfriend Dan was over last night and met Dad for the first time and was generally nice and not annoying or weird, so he gets an approval rating. I managed not to do my usual overkill rambling thing that I usually do when I meet new people because it makes me anxious. This is a Good Thing because it makes me sound like an idiot.

When are people going away to uni? I head off on the 19th. If anyone wants to get together and do stuff before then, next week is the time. Drop me an email and we'll organise something :) I know I promised a zoo trip but I forgot. Sorry! Maybe next year?


Sep. 3rd, 2006 11:04 am
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You know the drill by now.

Jack/Daniel - Let me tell you...

McShep - I never know...
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Another new banner! It's McShep (surprised?) and, yes, big .png file. I like it when you leave feedback, things you like and don't like. Yes, this is me asking :)

See it here
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I made new banners and stuff and lookit now my journal is blue and green and has McShep at the top ^-^

Please tell me if you like it because I am very pleased with it and I want other people to shamelessly praise it and make me feel good (ha ha, yeah, no, really)
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Just met Lucy's boyfriend, Dan - he seems at least presentable and capable of speech, though I have been banished upstairs and out of the way :D They're out walking the dog right now. He kinda reminds me, looks wise, of a young Matthew Hoggard, the England cricket player - same sort of hair, though more tawny. His laugh is sort of annoying, though, like a snigger. Won't tell Lucy that.

Yesterday me and Susan went to London to have a professional photoshoot done, with full make-up and sets and everything. It was loads of fun, and some great shots were taken, though the prices are extortionate and they tried to trick us into paying loads of money by suggesting we were paying £49 for three digital copies of images but we would in fact have been paying £99 because they said it as 'using your deposit, you'd only pay £49 today!' but because we are both amazing mathematicians (read: we have brains) we just kept saying, 'yeah, sure, no' until he eventually brought it down to £57 for three pictures plus the contact sheets with thumbnails of all of them which is actually very good for professional shots.

Also, new graphics work! This has been made for [livejournal.com profile] ionaonie to go on her lj, so hopefully she'll like it :) I'm emailing it to her separately as well, but I wanted to show off, so here it is in all its glory. It's a Superman Returns banner, high quality png file, long load but coolies, you may have picked up on the drill by now :)

Damn, I want Lucy and her boyfriend to come back now so we can order pizza because I'm hungry!
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I made a high-quality png banner to stick on my planner for uni because yes, I am that obsessively fannish. I didn't like the writing all over the front of my planner telling me all about it, so I made McShep, because McShep makes me happy ^-^ It took, like, three or four hours to do. Note the photomanipulation of John and Rodney in the top left corner that turned out really cool *beams*

See it here! Go on, you know you want to! It may take a minute to load because it's a big file, but it's pretty!
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I got fired for something I didn't do yesterday. My boss (who you recall had been away for a week) claimed I hadn't done the work she asked me to do while she was away (which I definitely had, y'know, I could tell by the way that it took HOURS) and so I lost my steady income.

It's not that I want the job back, because I'd hate it now, but I really don't want to be thought of as a slacker, y'know? So I'm writing a letter to the temping agency to tell them what actually happened. Debbie can think what she likes, the bitch. Woulda been nice if she'd actually asked me what I'd done instead of just jumping to conclusions.

I made a nice header image for my lj, but I don't know how to put it up at the top, so I'm asking around and hopefully someone can help me and it'll be gorgeous. (Wanna see?)


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