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[livejournal.com profile] jade_dragoness drew an illustration for Asymptote for me! It's so cute! Go look!

In related news, I'm seriously planning my next Star Trek fic. It's looking to be a bit of an epic, though, so I have no idea when it'll go up.
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Got this link through delicious - a short film made entirely of nearly 15,000 still shots run together to make what is, in effect, a stop motion movie starring Zachary Quinto running around first his home and then the set of Heroes. Not only is it visually clever - the shots are taken close enough together that it's not jerky, but far enough apart that it's obvious it's not true video - but it also really made me giggle. It's awesome, go check it out!

Happy New Year, Bordeaux, starring Zachary Quinto, that hotass GQMF.
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I've been trying to decide what I wanted to say about the new Star Trek movie for almost a week now. This is for two main reasons - one, I have resolved that I should make both more frequent and more meaningful (aka more discussion, less boring) posts , and two, BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY FRIGGING AWESOME AND IT BLEW MY MIND OMG!!!

Here there be spoilers, aka, you should totally see the film first )

Seriously, just AWESOME. I'm going to go see it again as soon as I have the chance. Anyone want to come?
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Sooooooo, something kinda important happened yesterday *dances around like a loon*

I went to an interview for an orthoptic job in Milton Keynes and they offered me a permanent position!

I believe the sound I made after putting down the phone was something like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

I'm really excited! They were really nice and friendly and the department is really big and spacious and location-wise it's perfect for me - exactly what I wanted!

Most awesome thing ever!

Also, this morning I was invited to join Dreamwidth! So now I have an account over there too, and I will be learning how to use it. I'll start crossposting between here and there, but I want to use both, if that makes sense, so that when fandom decides which way it's going to jump I'm already on the boat :)
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This is my brain! It's from one of the MRI scans I did this year for monies and stuff :D

Awesome, huh? It has my nose :D
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1000 recs on my del.icio.us!
1000 recs on my del.icio.us!


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