Aug. 5th, 2011

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So last week I went to this awesome Film School day at Raindance Studios in London (they're totally awesome - Danny Boyle and Christopher Nolan have both been students there) and it was super exciting and inspiring and helpful in terms of knowing where to start getting into the industry and what I want to do. I could write a whole post about this school! But instead I am going to whine like a little bitch because I decided to order a handheld camera because of this class to try making my own movies and I got this camera off eBay and it is rubbish TT-TT

The picture is all grainy and it tracks really badly and it's my own fault for going cheap but I expected a bit more for my money, honestly, so now I am sad. And also in possession of a really shitty camcorder. Which I will have to try to sell off again. SIGH. ARGH. WHY WORLD WHY.


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