Jul. 19th, 2011

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Worst start to a morning today :(

  • Dark Tower movies/TV shows cancelled by the studio
  • Borders US is shutting down too, meaning B&N is essentially in control of deciding which books will be published due to having near exclusive yay or nay on buying
  • My DVD of Fassy getting groped by a bear, like, a lot (apparently he raises it and is it's Mommy but I am telling it like it is) was incorrectly in the DVD company's inventory and it won't arrive for this weekend when I wanted it. ( I did later find a dl but it was a struggle.)
  • My Coke can sprung a leak and sprayed me and I was late for work


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    Me: I don't really feel you care about my bear-related angst Iona, I may have to think of terrible bear-related puns to text you but I'm not sure I could bear it
    Me: Winnie you gonna text me back?
    Me: Urso you say
    Iona: You know, at this point I'm just waiting to see what you come up with next :-)
    Me: Sorry. I know I can get a little grizzly at times.
    Me: Come on, that one was pretty grrreat
    Iona: That was on another level :-)
    Me: I thought I was clawing for it a bit
    Iona: Hahahaha nice
    Me: A bit hairy perhaps? Maybe I should let this game hibernate.
    Me: I'm not going to panda to your ego by demanding you text me back.
    Iona: Hehehehehehe - these are getting better and better.
    Me: So cool I'm polar.
    Me: After this many bear puns you must think I'm Knuts
    Me: I think I have a BooBoo.
    Iona: That is my favourite so far.
    Me: I'm just koala than you
    Me: OH COME ON
    Iona: How many more can you have?
    Me: I'm just paddington it out now really
    Iona: Hahahahahaha seriously
    Me: But that was totally the worst one! A real kodiak moment
    Iona: But you mentioned Paddington Bear. He's my favourite.
    Me: Oh well, baloo for you.
    Iona: Look for the bear necessities, the simple bear necessities, forget about your worry and your strife
    Me: Hey, this is my game! No fozzie business
    Iona: Damn, but you are good!
    Me: It's all ready teddy go around here


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