Jun. 6th, 2011

tahariel: (Do what I say!)

Everyone should check out my friend Dan's videos of his recent three-town tour, in which he played the lead in a one-man one-woman production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Not only is he an awesome singer, actor and all-around bloke, but it's a show about an angry german transvestite who wears leather and a giant US flag cape! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT.

Seriously though, it was a fab show and I super enjoyed it. I hope you do too! Also later this year he's going to be doing a three-man show in four or five towns around the UK, which I am going to be helping to produce, so you have to come if we go anywhere near you, okay?

In other unrelated statements, I may be overestimating your interest but would anyone want to see a tour of my wardrobe, if I were to take pictures and annotate them in a humorous manner? (Mostly this is so I can show you my favourite clothes in there, I will be honest.)

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