May. 20th, 2011

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(Matalan, mine were £10)

My lovely clogs! I'm really liking the unbleached linen material and rough edges on them, makes them perfect for a natural-fabrics summer look. They're relatively high even for me, but the platform makes the heel quite stable, and they're nice and grippy on the soles. There are a lot of clogs coming out this year, especially with the big 60s-retro look that's coming on strong for s/s, and it makes me wish I still had this lovely linen shift dress I owned when I was about 14 to wear with them. I'll just have to make do with a big floppy hat and, if I can persuade myself to cough up for the prescription lenses, a big lazy-looking pair of sunglasses.

(ASOS, £5.50)

And I ordered the crap out of this awesome bangle thingy. (I ordered one. One is a crapload. OF AWESOME.) I'm totally loving the patina-effect on the shiny silver and gold, and the way they're linked together means a) I won't find a bangle in my armpit later when undressing and b) they're really interesting and a cool statement piece for bare-armed luxe on hot July evenings. I find it really hard to wear chunky bracelets because they tend to make my arm and hand merge into the wrist-equivalent of a cankle (I have really solid wrists. Good for... wearing watches? I guess?) but this bangle, though long, is kind-of-but-not-quite chunky. Gotta love accessories.

(Matalan, £16, wrong colour but similar idea)

I might, maybe, have bought another pair of wide-leg trousers. With a huge floral pattern in a floaty silky chiffon fabric. However, since their picture does not apparently exist in the right colour on the Matalan website, CLEARLY the trousers also do not exist, and therefore my wide-leg crazy does not exist. So there. Any immensely cool and floaty pink-rosed trousers you may see me swanning around in, arching my knee so as to give the full effect of the humoungous sweep of fabric, are just a figment of your imagination.

(ASOS, £15)

Also, I found an honest-to-God real-live chest harness such as my MC wears as part of her uniform in my novel project. Those of you who do not believe I have already acquired this item and may or may not be wearing it around the house clearly do not know me very well.

Aaaaaaand I saw this double rainbow from my window last weekend while watching Eurovision. SO INTENSE!

What do you like to wear at the moment, darlings? And would it fit me?


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