Apr. 5th, 2011

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I have started and deleted and started and deleted this post about five times now so I figure I'll just wing it and see. Nothing terrible, don't worry!

I'm looking for somebody to help me with my novel project. I sat down this week to reread what I've done so far- gain some perspective, see where I've been and work out what needs doing- but the more I read the more certain I've become that I need somebody to sit down with it, read it and give me an honest critique of the damn thing, discuss the problems I see with it and help me think through what to do about them.

Some of you guys ([livejournal.com profile] ionaonie in particular) have already read it and told me a few things, but I really feel the need for an in-depth breakdown of it, and that's why I thought I'd ask and see if anybody would be willing to help me out.

It's about 45k words at the moment, fantasy novel with a romantic theme, and it's got dragonbirds and tree cities and fighting off wyverns and almost-but-not-quite-kissing and pretty ladies who are also dragonbird riders and men with big swords and guns (heh) and lizard people in it! WHO WOULDN'T WANT THAT IN THEIR LIFE, RIGHT? RIGHT? (oh god please be interested other human beings!

Anybody up for a try? I'll owe you a big favour of your choosing (not a turn of phrase, like I will actually help you out with something in return.)

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