Mar. 13th, 2011

tahariel: (Sherlock - eyes)

Hey guys! It's possible (shifty eyes) that I may have gone out and bought an iPad today and that this might be my first post written on it, and that it may be immense and wonderful and I may have named it Laertes. I BEG YOU NOT TO BELIEVE THESE HEINOUS RUMOURS. IT WASN'T ME, MR BANK MANAGER, IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE. Ahem.

Anyway, tonight I went to see Frankenstein at the National Theatre starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the monster and Johnny Lee Miller as Dr Frankenstein. As you may know, they are alternating roles each night, but I specifically booked a night when The Cumberbatch was playing the monster, since I figured that was the juicier role. Seriously thinking of going to the cinema to see it again on the night when it's the other way around.

My thoughts placed behind this cut since i know some of you are going to see it soon.  )


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