Jan. 18th, 2011

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Since I left the Hell-Job on Friday I have:

  • tidied the entire flat so it is now all clean and lovely

  • cleaned out all the photos I don't actually want to keep (elbows and people I don't know)

  • spent all the iTunes vouchers work gave me as a leaving present

  • finagled a single ticket for the National Theatre's production of Frankenstein starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the monster! (It was EXPENSIVE. More than I thought, anyway. But I am so stoked. Also awesome about this production: Benedict Cumberbatch and the other actor are alternating who plays the monster and who plays Dr Frankenstein. Neat.)

  • started up two tumblr accounts and worked out how to use the damn things

  • went to visit a local film studio to see if we might use it for Taken/Quitados, the short film I am Assistant Producing this year (AWESOME, BTW.)

    So feeling pretty accomplished right now! I start the New Job on Monday so plenty of free time this week to do some writing and such.

    On a more studious note, I've been reading a few articles today by authors I love about publishing, e-publishing and internet piracy that I want to talk to you guys about.

    I can't lay claim to sainthood in this arena by any value system. As I'm sure most of my flist do, I download a lot of TV shows to watch as they come out in the US rather than waiting for them to be shown here in the UK or buying them on DVD. I justify this by telling myself that they're not losing any money from me as I wouldn't be paying to access their TV channels anyway, etc, etc, I don't want to be spoiled, etc. This does not make it okay, and I am also aware of that. I wouldn't have to justify it if it wasn't a problem in the first place.

    Now, the big TV companies? The movie studios? (I don't, as a rule, download movies, but let's assume that I did.) Them I'm not so concerned about, because I don't live in the US, and my opinion - my business - never seems to carry any weight with them when they decide whether or not to keep my favourite shows on TV or whether to make a sequel to my favourite films. But authors? I do care about them.

    [livejournal.com profile] anywherebeyond (YA author Saundra Mitchell) has written a really eye-opening post about the direct impact ebook piracy is having on her livelihood and on the trajectory of her career. (“Free” Books Aren’t Free.) I've never pirated a book, and have no intentions to, but the numbers alone really stunned me. So I followed a few links, and read a bit more, and winced a bit more every time.

    A few more links under the cut to try and slim down this post )
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