Jan. 11th, 2011

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Something you may not know about me: I am kinda a fan of Adam Lambert, who was the runner-up on American Idol a year or two ago. I say kinda because I don't really know a lot about him personally other than what I pick up from the RPF that I get suckered into reading by it having awesome summaries and then being really good. (Something you probably do know about me: if it has a good summary, I will read it no matter what it is, whether I know the fandom or not. I am a summary whore.)

But ANYWAY I was watching the video for If I Had You on youtube (great video, BTW, but seriously his trouser bulge is freaking enormous. I know every 'character' in fic has a giant cock, but clearly his has NOT BEEN EXAGGERATED. Anyway. About 3:20-3:40 in, for those who want to have a look!) and one of the links at the side was to Adam Lambert giving beauty tips to Bliss magazine.

He was so casual and awesome about it, it made me like him ten bazillion times more. I want more of his music now.


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